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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Republican Debate Turns Into Bar Brawl!

Dear Readers:

Image result for brawl after debateI'm not sure exactly what happened because I was in the washroom at the time, but I can tell you that the Republican debate this evening was on high alert from the get-go, and the amount of tension in the room continued to escalate until something had to break!

Image result for brawl after debateIt all started out with almost everyone dumping on Donald Trump for one thing and then another, while his face went from an orange colour to a deep red as his temper rose.

It quickly spread from there with Cruz, and Rubio getting belligerent as well, while Jeb Bush finally stuck up for himself and John Kasich and Ben Carson tried to stay out of everybody's way but ended up trading insults in the corner!
Image result for brawl after debateI heard a lot of shouting while I was in the washroom and when I came back into the living room all the stands were knocked over and there was Donald Trump, center stage as usual, swinging wildly at Cruz, Rubio pushing Kasich around at the back of the stage, and Bush holding Carson back by putting him in a headlock!
Image result for brawl after debate
From there the bodies and arms and legs sort of melted together, and for a while it was impossible to tell who was battling who.
Meanwhile the moderators were off to the side placing bets on the outcome!
Image result for brawl after debateThen things really got out of hand when members of the audience jumped into the fray before the cops finally arrived and dragged everybody off the stage ...., while CBS went to commercials, and then an old re-run of Two and a Half Men!

All in all it was a pretty exciting night!