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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sanders pulls no punches in debate!

Dear Readers:

Well, ya missed it if you were watching the Democratic debate on CNN tonight.

Image result for bernie clipartIt was also carried on PBS (which I happened to be watching) and even though the actual debate was rather dull, predictable, and 'oh so polite,' it heated up immensely right at the end.

While CNN cut away for a commercial, (and PBS stayed with the live feed) Hillary Clinton suddenly turned to Bernie Sanders and called him a "Stupid Old Fart," at which point Bernie strode across the stage and cold-cocked Hillary with a sharp right hook, leaving her out cold on the floor!

Debate organizers quickly hustled everyone out of the room and sent the broadcast back to CNN headquarters.


Like I said folks, ya really missed out if you were watching it on CNN!