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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Saturday Monring Confusion #60

Dear Readers:

For being a reasonably intelligent guy there is a lot of stuff in this world I just don't get! In other words, I'm confused as hell, and I'm just not gonna take it anymore!

Remember Russia was at war with Afghanistan way back before the United States decided to have a go it! Well, now the latest word out of the insane asylum is that Russia is backing the Taliban in their war with the government.  (The Taliban are also behind some of the groups that are giving Russia's such a hard time in Moscow!)
“When the Russians can poke a stick in the eye of the United States and NATO and the costs aren’t perceived as too high, they will do so because, frankly, it makes them feel good,” a spokesman told Yahoo News. “From Moscow’s perspective, its support for the Taliban is no different than U.S. support for rebels fighting their close ally Bashar al-Assad in Syria, or arming and training Ukrainian troops who are fighting Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. If those are the rules the United States wants to go by, Russia is showing that they can play that game.”
A group of Afghan Taliban fighters loyal to Mullah Mohammed Rasool, the newly elected leader of a breakaway faction of the Taliban, in Farah province, Afghanistan, Nov. 3, 2015. (Photo: AP)
A de facto alliance between Russia and Islamist extremists who are fighting the United States and NATO in Afghanistan — and who are in many cases the sons of Afghan mujahedeen who the United States once armed and supported in their fight against the Soviet Army — is likely viewed as payback in the Kremlin. The long war and defeat of the Soviets in Afghanistan helped pave the way for the collapse of the Soviet Union, which Russian President Vladimir Putin once described as “a major geopolitical disaster of the century.” On December 31, 2015, Putin signed a new Russian national security strategy that for the first time unequivocally identifies NATO as a threat.
Folks, this sort of crap has been going on for thousands of years in that part of the world, and now that the U.S. is becoming self sufficient in oil due to fracking and other factors they should just get the hell out ......, and never go back!


Image result for scrooge mcduckYou might remember a few days ago when we said on these pages that Iceland has sent 30 Bank executives to jail for that mess in 2008, and all the United States has done is give bigger bonuses to its executives: Bank of America yesterday awarded chief executive Brian T. Moynihan $16 million for his work last year, increasing his potential compensation by 23 percent. Moynihan received $14.5 million in stock grants for 2015 and left his salary unchanged at $1.5 million, according to a regulatory filing Friday. A year earlier, the Charlotte-based bank, the second largest in the United States, gave the chief executive a $13 million pay package.

 Moynihan, an Ohio-born lawyer who rose through the ranks at FleetBoston Financial before Bank of America bought it, outlasted other executives in late 2009 as talks fell apart with CEO candidates from firms including Bank of New York Mellon.


 Folks there is nothing I like better than calling "bullshit" on some stories making the rounds on the mainstream media, and this is one of them!
A woman in Brazil who had cosmetic surgery ended up with not only a flatter stomach and larger breasts, she also developed kleptomania for a few weeks, a new case report reveals.
A few days after being released from the hospital following her cosmetic surgery, the 40-year-old woman began to have "recurring, intrusive thoughts and an irresistible compulsion towards stealing," according to the case report, published online Jan. 29 in the journal BMJ Case Reports.
 The most likely explanation for her symptoms is that the woman suffered from inadequate blood flow to the brain at some point during or right after the surgical procedure, said case report co-author Dr. Fabio Nascimento, who is currently a neurologist at Toronto Western Hospital in Canada, but who was part of the medical team during the woman's hospitalization in Brazil at the time of the case.

This is almost as bad as that guy who drove across town in his sleep ....., and killed his in-laws, or his ex wife, or somebody else he didn't like!

Image result for sleep walking gif


Well folks, we are seeing some progress in Europe on the question of what to do with all the refugees! 
Actor George Clooney and his lawyer wife Amal had a private meeting Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the crisis in Syria and Europe's efforts to help refugees.
The Clooneys were accompanied by David Miliband, the former British foreign secretary who now heads the aid group International Rescue Committee.
"We talked about the responsibilities of all states, not just European states but states around the world to deal with what is a global problem, not just a Syrian problem or a German issue," Miliband told The Associated Press after the 40-minute meeting at Merkel's office.
Image result for george clooney's estate on lake como"It's very clear that Mrs Merkel has been showing very strong leadership and example not just to Europe but globally," he added. "We wanted to hear from her and support what she's doing."
Miliband said it was the actor's idea to ask for a meeting with Merkel, who has received both applause and criticism for letting hundreds of thousands of refugees come to Germany over the past year.
As a sign of unity with Merkel, George agreed to temporarily house up to 12,000 Syrian refugees at his European estate on Lake Como. (Well of course he did, why else would he get involved with this mess!)


Every time I see ted Cruz on the TV there is something about him that I don't like.

Then it hit me!

I DON'T LIKE HIS FACE. (And I'm not the only one.)
There are many important issues to discuss this election season, but neurologist Dr. Richard Cytowic recently highlighted a new one: Ted Cruz’s face. The Texas senator has garnered some unsavory comparisons: Grandpa Munster is a typical one; Kevin from The Office is another.
But in Cruz’s case his facial downfall comes in the form of his smile, or lack thereof. In a typical smile, the corners of the mouth turn up; this causes a chain reaction that makes the corners of the eyes contract, creating crow’s feet. But Cruz’s face doesn’t seem to do that, according to Cytowic: The smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes, which can be perceived as insincerity.
Another facial-oddity characteristic Cytowic points out is just north of the missing crow’s feet on Cruz’s face: the downward bend of the outside of his eyebrows. Try doing this yourself — it’s not easy to have the inner corners of your eyebrows bend up while the outer corners swerve down. “Downturned expressions usually signal disagreeableness or disgust,” Cytowic writes. In other words, Cruz could accidentally be sending cues at rallies that he’s not a fan of his voters, which isn’t exactly the message he wants to convey. “He may well be unaware that the message of his body language is incongruent with his words,” Cytowic continues.