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Friday, 5 February 2016

Sexual assaults on the rise in Europe!

Dear Readers:

It happened again last night!

20 sexual assaults were reported in Cologne, Germany, and that was just one of about a dozen European cities where the incidence of sexual assaults and robberies has risen dramatically since the influx of Middle-Eastern refugees!

You can be an apologist for the refugees all you like kids, but the fact of the matter is that a great majority of them are young unmarried males who went to Europe more as economic refugees than anything else, and they are running wild in the streets!

I am starting to realize why they keep women bundled up and as inconspicuous as possible throughout the Middle-East, because a large portion of their population still operates under a set of rules straight out of the dark ages!

Until they learn to conduct themselves under a 21st. century code of behaviour I suggest that they have no place in European or North American society.

(Thank God we vet those coming to Canada and only take families, and those with middle class values, but the same can't be said for Europe because it's the young single men who can make the trip there with the least difficulty.)

The alarming thing about this whole mess is that we never hear about it here in the North American mainstream press. Fortunately I have access to the BBC World News, Deutsche Welle, and the European News channels, and the story they tell is quite different from what we get over here with our "Politically Correct" left wing reporting!!