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Saturday, 20 February 2016

What the hell will they thnk of next?

Dear Readers:

If you need any proof at all that the pace of scientific discoveries is not only accelerating, but also taking us into areas of innovation that we wouldn't have dreamed about even a few short years ago, then read THIS!
Scientists from the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute have developed a polymer film coating that generates electricity on a contact lens. Their proof-of-concept research could transform an ordinary contact lens into a new kind of wearable electronic device.
The coating opens the door to the idea that people can wear mini electrical circuits directly on their eyes.
“We’re talking about actually creating electronic displays, so rather than having something like a pair of glasses that’s acting like a computer, you can actually generate images directly on your contact lens,” says Drew Evans, Associate Professor and UniSA researcher.
While the researchers already knew that their film coating technology had a variety of real-world applications, this is the first time they have looked into constructing them on the nanoscale level, making them biocompatible and growing them directly onto a contact lens.
The technology, two years in the making is considered a “game changer” by Evans, who believes there is a future in the hi-tech contact lens industry.
“The sky’s the limit and the work we’re doing with our industry partner aims to give them a game changing technology,” says Evans.