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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Why I'm a Moderate!

Dear Readers:

There is a reason why the unofficial motto of this blog is "Let's Get Things Back Into Perspective Here!" There is also a reason why THIS is at the top of the page: "The left wing drives me crazy, and the right wing scares the shit out of me!"

Today it's, once again, time to take a long hard look at the bleeding heart liberals.

First of all, there is that problem with General Dynamics here in London. They employ over 3000 people and dump millions and millions of dollars into the local economy.  But, left wingers out in Saskatchewan, and down in Montreal, have no problem demanding that the federal government cancel General Dynamics trade deal with Saudi Arabia for LAV's (light armoured vehicles) that are built here in London.

Here's the reason: Although the LAV's are for the army in a rather volatile region of the world, the do-gooder peace-nicks are worried that IF there is ever any sort of civilian insurrection, or God forbid, civil war [sic] in Saudi Arabia, these vehicles COULD be used against the Saudi population in general. (I put heavy emphasis on if and could in that statement folks!)

Second: There is growing opposition among the  lefties for supplying arms to the Kurds in their fight against ISIS. WHY, you ask? (Go ahead, ask!)

Well, even though the Kurdish forces are our main line of defense against the nut-bars in ISIS ............, if they should happen to lose a battle, these arms will fall into the wrong hands. (Islamic State)

Did ya hear what I just said, kids: "If they should happen to lose a battle, these arms will fall into the wrong hands." (And still you wonder why I don't like the far left?)


Oh, I could also go on about the far right as well, but I think their actions speak for themselves!

Let me just say one thing about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the quintessential poster boy for "The Ugly American," so electing him President seems like Karma! (Ya get what you deserve!)