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Friday, 25 March 2016

American Justice?

 Dear Readers:

Do ya remember Gabby Gifford, that Congresswoman who was shot in the head by Jared Loughner a few years ago?

Jared Lee Lougner in a 2011 photo. (AP)A lawsuit filed in federal court against former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords seeking $25 million in damages for emotional distress names Jared Lee Loughner as the plaintiff. (There is now a story going round that this lawsuit was filed by someone other than Loughner, who is serving a life sentence for the 2011 shooting rampage in Tuscon that left six dead and many others, including Giffords, wounded.)
The lawsuit, filed March 18, was covered as authentic by several news outlets on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The writer of the complaint asserts that Loughner’s “incarceration is illegal. I am actually innocent. I was Framed.”
The suit accuses Giffords of belonging to the Illuminati and says she was not shot. It also alleges that Loughner was “handpicked illegally to be a sleeper assassin” and that Giffords caused emotional and “psychological distress.” The document also names the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a defendant.


Sometimes ya don't even have to read a whole article kids, all you need do is look at the headlines to see how political rhetoric is the same all over the world!

First there was this one from the United States: "Cruz-Trump spat over wives takes nastier turn."

And then we can go to the other side of the planet and see the same thing: "As Korean tensions rise, rival leaders get personal."

Wanna see another one that will make your head spin? "Many members of congress are quietly supporting Donald Trump!"


One of the reasons real estate prices are so high in Vancouver is because of a practice called "shadow flipping" where agents sell a house, the then flip it several times over before the deal even closes!

Neat trick eh?

Well the B.C. government is about to make these shenanigans illegal kids, except they are getting a lot of opposition ......, from the real estate agents! 


Here's a woman who did what some others wish they could do! 
Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller, then 28, left her Laurel, Ind., home in 1974 after giving birth to her third child, a release from the Indiana State Police said.

She felt she was too young to be a mother and gave her parents custody of her children.

The last time her family heard from her was the following year, when they received a letter from their daughter postmarked in Richmond, Ind.

In 2014, State Police Detective Sgt. Scott Jarvis took on the missing persons case after learning about it from a website that assists families with those types of investigations, the release said. During his investigation, Jarvis learned that the Richmond Police Department Records Division had a case of a deceased unidentified female found in 1975. The woman's body was dug up in December 2014. Jarvis planned to match DNA from Gillespie-Miller’s biological daughter with that of the unidentified woman.

"The daughters I'm in touch with are excited. They were 2 or 3 years old when their mom left," Jarvis told the Palladium-Item. "They're excited about the possibility of finding her for closure, but they don't have their hopes up. It's still just a possibility right now."

But while he was awaiting test results, he was led in a different direction.
He began to investigate the trail of a woman with similarities to Gillespie-Miller, the release said, who had lived in Tennessee in the 1980s, then later in Texas.

On Thursday, Jarvis called Texas Rangers in the area and had them go to the woman’s home, the release said. The woman admitted that her name is actually Lula Gillespie-Miller, now 69, and that she is originally from Laurel.

Since Gillespie-Miller did not commit a crime, police said, she has the right to remain anonymous.

She also gave the Texas Rangers no explanation as to why she left her life in Indiana behind and disappeared.


It seems there is a giant hole right in the middle of one of Chicago's better neighbourhoods .........................!

Landscaping Will Conceal, But Not Fill, This Giant Chicago Hell Pit

This 110-foot-wide hole, punched into one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods, represents nearly a decade of dashed architectural dreams. Recently, developers gave up trying to build on it, and have started building hills to hide it from the sight of angry neighbors.

This hole, which looks like the aftermath of an attack by either Godzilla or Jehovah, was actually caused by economics. In 2007, it was meant to be a foundation for the tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere. It’s 76 feet deep and 110 feet wide, and it was going to put up over a thousand homes right in the center of Chicago. However, after 2007 came 2008, the end of the housing boom, and a huge economic downturn.

The property market is resilient, though, and in 2014, the developer, Shelbourne, raised people’s hopes with the idea that the spire could once again go forward. Sadly, the only thing that came of it was the transfer of the deed to the land to Related Midwest.

Streeterville, the neighborhood in which this literal depression is placed, is right in the center of Chicago. It’s next to the Navy Pier, a pier extending into Lake Michigan that was once a shipping location but is now a kind of permanent fairground—and a popular spot for tourists and locals. The neighborhood is a good one, and none of its residents enjoyed looking at a metaphoric hell-pit. 

Passers-by might have taken the construction crews that started showing up in the last week as a good sign. Sadly, they weren’t there to build a tower. They were there to build hills around the hole. These small hills will be covered with trees which will hide the giant hole from view, at least from ground level. It appears, though, that people have temporarily given up on the idea of a new tower in Chicago, and accepted the hole as a semi-permanent part of the neighborhood.