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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Goodbye Winter!

Image result for winter kid clipartGoodbye my winter suit,
Goodbye my hat and boot,
Goodbye my ear-protecting muffs
And storms that hail and hoot.

Farewell to snow and sleet,
Farewell to Cream of Wheat,
Farewell to ice-removing salt
And slush around my feet.

Image result for bird nest clipartRight on to daffodils,
Right on to whippoorwills,
Right on to chirp-producing eggs
And baby birds and quills.

Good-bye, snow! Good-bye, ice!
Though of course you're very nice,
I am glad you've gone away
Leaving us this fine spring day.

Image result for winter kid clipart
Here's my good old bat and ball!
Marbles, too! How are you all?
I am sure that I can play
With you now, 'most any day.

Image result for summer kid clipartImage result for winter kid clipart
Good-bye, ice skates.
Good-bye, sled.
Good-bye, winter.
Spring's ahead!

Good-bye, leggings.
Good-bye, snow.
Good-bye, winter.
Spring, hello!

Image result for summer kid clipartHello, crocus.
Hello, kite.
Good-bye, winter.
Spring's in sight!

Good-bye, winter! Though it's true
I've had lots of fun with you,
Now I just could shout and sing;
I'm so glad because it's spring!

Image result for summer kid clipartHello, jump rope.
Hello, swing.
Good-bye, winter!
Hello, spring!