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Thursday, 31 March 2016

It's an ill wind that blows no good!

Dear Readers:

Image result for fart clipartThe only problem with the phrase "It's an ill wind that blows no good," is that it is a little too descriptive about the circumstances which led to this guys departure from the ladies flat!

A Man Was Reported to Police for Farting.

A man in Laholm, Hallan County in Sweden was reported to police because he farted after the woman he was with refused to have sex with him.

She reported the incident to the local police saying that his “revenge fart” disturbed her peace of mind.

The man and the woman, whose names were not released to the public, had talked of having sex in a different occasion, but they are not in a relationship. According to the woman, the man visited her in her house with the desire to have sex with her. When she refused to indulge him, he simply farted and left.

“It smelled very bad in my flat,” the woman said in her police report.

A police spokesperson said that they had an obligation to check if criminal actions were involved. 

But the incident was not investigated further.


Image result for hacking a cell phone clipartI really don't see why the FBI should share information with Apple Computer on how they hacked the cell phone belonging to that terrorist in California, since Apple wouldn't help them get into it in the first place!

But then again, maybe it was a secret back-door deal between Apple and the FBI that let them hack the cell phone while still saving face for all concerned.

After all, stranger things have happened!


In our continuing effort to stay relevant in this digital world The Perspective Research Department has just issued the following press release!
A butterfly never seen on Prince Edward Island until last year has been included in the Maritime Butterfly Atlas.
The Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly was found on the Island in 2015.
Eastern-Tailed Blue butterfly was seen for the first time in P.E.I. in 2015.
John Klymko, a zoologist from Sackville, N.B., has been working for the past six years cataloguing butterfly species in all three Maritime provinces.
Klymko said when he began the project, recorded sightings of the Eastern Tailed-Blue had only been in southwestern N.B.
"Starting in 2012, we noticed a fairly big pulse into New Brunswick. In 2013, we got the first ever Nova Scotia record. Since that time, we've had even more Nova Scotia records and just last year in 2015, one of the last specimens collected  from P.E.I. for the project, was the first-ever record of Eastern  Tailed-Blue from the province."
What makes it doubly interesting is that this is the species of butterfly that the Perspective Research Department referenced when it coined the phrase: "The Butterfly Effect!"

And remember folks: "YA HEARD IT HERE FIRST!"


Well folks, it seems there really were Hobbits in the old days:
Picture of a replica of Homo floresiensis, also known as the HobbitThousands of years ago, hobbits roamed a lush, green land. They gathered food, took shelter in cozy holes in the earth, and even battled dragons. (Komodo Dragons)

This is no fantasy epic—it’s the likely lifestyle of an ancient human relative that thrived on the island of Flores in Indonesia.
Discovered in 2003 in Liang Bua cave, Homo floresiensis stood about three and a half feet (1.1 meters) tall and weighed around 75 pounds (35 kilograms).

Nicknamed for the diminutive heroes in J.R.R. Tolkien's famous novels, the real-life hobbits made stone tools and might have survived predatory attacks from komodo dragons.
Picture of Liang Bua, a limestone cave in Indonesia
(Archaeologists excavate in Liang Bua cave, the site where the "hobbit" humans were discovered in 2003.)
Even more exciting to anthropologists, the discovery team originally estimated that these “halflings” lived as recently as 12,000 years ago, which would mean that they outlived Neanderthals and probably crossed paths with modern humans (Speculation is that humans were responsible for the extinction of these little fellers!)


Image result for car clipartTHIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN EUROPE:

One of the big shots at Volvo said it would be extremely difficult to introduce self-driving cars in the United States because the condition of most roads is so bad that the cars wouldn't be able to tell which lane they were in!