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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

London, ON, scene of another large tank battle!

Dear Readers:

Well, they're at it again!

Image result for lavOf course I'm talking about the left wing, tree hugging peaceniks who want to put the city of London, Ontario out of business by cancelling that $15 BILLION dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia!

This time it's the CBC, who hot on the heels of nearly 700 million dollars in additional funding from the Liberals, is suggesting that we adopt a more pacifist attitude with our International Image!

Image result for lavAnd that brings me to the reason for this article ...........! There is a military base here in the city called  Wolseley Barracks where they want to erect monument to our Afghan veterans, and some bright individual came up with the idea of using one of the armoured vehicles we make right here in the city! (After all, ya see lots of tanks being used as monuments to Second World War Vets!)

Image result for goose statue
BUT! That's too militaristic for a lot of the peacniks, and they would rather we erect a statue of a duck ..................., or maybe some piece of modern sculpture! [Or a goose sitting (shitting?) on a tank!]

Mater of fact, here's a part of the article from this mornings Free Press!

A rolling weapon, now mired in controversy, is no way to pay tribute in London to soldiers who served, peace activists say.
The city of London is considering installing a LAV III monument version of the light armoured vehicle made here, at Wolseley Barracks to serve as a tribute to those who served in Afghanistan.
But the city is better off spending the $100,000 on a park or sculpture, said Norman Pizzale, London lawyer and social justice professor at King’s University College.
“We need to go beyond glorifying war machines and creating monuments to violence. In 50 years we will be embarrassed that we created these,” he said Monday.
“It’s a poorly chosen way to honour our brave men and women,” said Cesar Jaramillo, of Project Ploughshares in Waterloo.
If approved, the city would partner with the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum on the project and the vehicle would be supplied by Canada Company, a non-profit agency that honours veterans and offers the monuments to communities across Canada.