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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Loser of the Day!

Dear Readers:

Get a load of THIS headline: An Italian woman artist who was hitch-hiking to the Middle East dressed as a bride to promote world peace has been found murdered in Turkey.
The naked body of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, 33, known as Pippa Bacca, was found in bushes near the northern city of Gebze on Friday.
She had said she wanted to show that she could put her trust in the kindness of local people.  (Ms di Marineo was hitch-hiking from Milan to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with a fellow artist on their "Brides on Tour" project.)

Folks, this story has got to be one of the dumbest things your world weary reporter has ever heard. If she's that fucking stupid, why didn't some of her friends at least try to stop her?

Here's one of the comments:
I think her story resonates with the naive view lot of young people who have comfortable lives in western democracies also share - the type who imagine themselves to be free thinkers with a deep understanding of humanity, who imagine that all of the world problems start only in Washington. She, and others like her are blind to the everyday realities that ordinary people all over the world face - that you cannot necessarily trust those around you. For many, there is no justice, no police service to be trusted. You have to be very careful about the situations you are in. You have to be careful about what you say, and how you dress, or if you step outside the norms and expectations of the relationships you are born into. Every day, thousands of people meet violent ends like hers. They are trafficked by those taking advantage of their vulnerability, abused, killed for bringing 'dishonor' or have their few possession and basic necessities stolen.
That's not to say that there isn't kindness to be found in the world, by any means. But her project, even if she'd made it, would have devalued and dismissed the vulnerability of most peoples lives who she would have crossed. 

Image result for HitchbotFolks, this reminds me of the robot from Canada (Hitchbot) that was murdered in Philly.

Made it through Canada unharmed........!
Made it barely 10 miles in the U.S. before getting disemboweled.



A six-month-old Golden Retriever puppy is getting relief in his mouth thanks to a set of braces. The Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Michigan, posted photos Saturday on Facebook of the dog, Wesley, outfitted with braces.
(Credit: Courtesy Molly Moore/Harborfront Hospital for Animals)“February is National Pet Dental Health month, so we thought this was a good time to let you know about the importance of your best buddy's dental health,” the veterinary clinic captioned the post, which has been shared more than 270,000 times.
The puppy belongs to Molly Moore, the daughter of the clinic’s veterinarian, Dr. James Moore, who is called a “doggie dentist” in the Facebook post.
“He wasn’t able to fully close his mouth and chew well and he stopped playing with his toys because of the pain and started losing weight because he couldn’t eat,” Molly Moore told ABC News of Wesley.

The braces were put on Wesley on Feb. 19 and should come off this week, according to Moore.
“I think the only way he realizes anything is different is because we had to take his toys away so he doesn’t pull the braces off,” Moore said. “He’s still as puppy-ish as ever.”
Moore added that her dad sees a lot of “unique cases” in his practice.
“He does a lot of oral procedures and different orthodontia for dogs,” she said.
A spokeswoman for the American Veterinary Medical Association told ABC News that, as with people, dental problems for dogs can lead to other, more serious health issues.
"Veterinary dentistry includes the cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction, or repair of animals' teeth and all other aspects of oral health care in animals," the spokeswoman said. "Veterinary dentistry is a function of veterinary practice because it requires diagnosis and treatment, and, to be fully effective, demands extensive knowledge of anatomy, anesthesiology, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, radiology, neurology, medicine, and surgery that is part of the graduate veterinarian's training."