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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our 'Research Depatment' has a startling conclusion about sex and aging!

Dear Readers:

After an exhaustive amount of investigation by the 'Perspective Research Department,' and the 'Naked News' staff, (you will see why it was 'exhaustive' as you read further) your always curious reporter has come to certain conclusions about aging, and why we age in the first place!

Over the course of many years we found a strange correlation between sex and growing old. Not the actual act of sex by itself folks, but rather the frequency of sexual activity as we advance in years. (Naturally our peak sexual activity takes place during our teen and early twenties with a gradual decrease in regularity as we advance into our thirties and forties ......, then fifties, etc.) 

Our research staff  started to notice an acceleration of the aging process around the age of fifty that had a direct link to a gradual drop in frequency of sex in both males and females. (Now personally I can only speak for the males in this study, but what they found did seem to make a lot of sense!)

To our surprise the diminishing of the number of orgasms as time went on contributed to a gradual build up of sperm in a man's system that was not being expelled by regular sexual activity, and this resulted in a slow infusion of stale hormones and other deleterious chemicals that were gradually contaminating and corrupting our 'precious bodily fluids!'

This was also true among the females in the study group, although there were naturally different hormones and fluids involved with them! 

As a result of these findings our research team has now embarked on a quest to find out what a significant INCREASE in sexual activity has on longevity and mental acuity.

Results will be published as they become available!