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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion About Everything!

Dear Readers:

Image result for trump and cruzI think I am getting jaded, or de-sensitised, or just plain don't give a shit anymore about what's happening with Drumpf and Cruz!

This afternoon I read about some sort of scandal in the National Enquirer between the two over what one of their wives did, or didn't do ..........., and to whom! (Who?)

Ted Cruz blames Donald Trump for sex-scandal ‘smear’ allegations!

For about half a second after I read the headline I was tempted to find out what was going on, but then for some strange reason I just didn't feel up to subjecting myself to any more debauchery, lasciviousness and depravity from the likes of these two!

It's happening folks,  just like everyone else I'm getting political and emotional burn-out from these assholes!


There's an old saying that goes: 'If you ever knew, or saw what goes into making a hot dog, you'd never eat another one again!

 Now for some strange reason I always thought that the same sort of thing would apply to 'pizza pockets,' but I was surprised to learn that some of the darn things are actually GOOD for ya!


And while we're on the subject of food, we have this alert from the Perspective Research Department: "DO NOT EAT WALNUTS!"

It turns out that these common and popular delicacies, (especially around Christmas time) are not really nuts at all ......, they are the mummified brains taken from shrunken heads imported from Papua New Guinea!

Now this is NOT to say that they aren't good for ya kids, or not nutritious, it's just that ......., well, you know!


By the way, not to rain on anybody's parade, but according to a lot of movie critics the new Batman vs Superman movie blows big time!


Since this is 'Good Friday' 

I keep saying that being overly religious is bad for ya, and sure enough all the overly religious people keep proving me absolutely right!

In a gory, long-standing Good Friday ritual in the Philippines, people are nailed to a cross as part of the reenactment of Jesus Christ's death, and it was one guys 30th time being crucified. (Let me repeat that in case you missed it the first time: THIS GUY HAS BEEN CRUCIFIED 30 TIMES!)

Ruben Enaje and "14 other men, some screaming in pain, were nailed to wooden crosses by actors dressed as Roman centurions" in rice-farming villages in the Pampanga province north of Manila, while "thousands of foreign and local tourists snapped pictures" of the re-enactment.

Ruben Enaje is hoisted by volunteers after he was nailed to a wooden cross in a reenactment during Good Friday rituals in the northern Philippines.In each of his 30 years being crucified, Enaje has had four-inch stainless steel nails have been hammered through the same spot in his palms and feet. When the cross is hoisted up, he said, the movement adds to the suffering.
"The only thing in my mind is that God went through worse," Enaje said, according to the AP. It adds:
"The gory spectacle reflects the Philippines' unique brand of Catholicism, which merges church traditions with folk superstitions. Many of the mostly impoverished penitents undergo the ritual to atone for sins, pray for the sick or for a better life, and to give thanks for what they believe were God-given miracles.

"Enaje, a 55-year-old sign painter, began the annual ordeal after he fell from a three-story building in 1985 and survived nearly unscathed.

A short documentary, called "The 26th Crucifixion of Ruben Enaje," captures the ritual.  (If ya have the guts for it!!!!)


Folks, I can't figure out if this guy is the luckiest person in the world, or the unluckiest!
Mason Wells, his face covered in bandages, was in a hospital in the Belgian city of Ghent on Friday, where he told The Associated Press about surviving his second terror attack. 

Three years ago, the 19-year-old from Sandy, Utah, was just a block away from the pressure-cooker bomb that exploded while he was watching his mother run the Boston Marathon.

"I don't know if I was born under a lucky star," he said. "I was definitely fortunate to have escaped with the injuries that I've escaped with at the airport, being very close to the bombs."

Wells, who is on a two-year Mormon mission to Belgium, talked to reporters via a video link from his hospital room, where he lay with a pillow propped behind his head and a light blue towel wrapped around his shoulders.