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Monday, 28 March 2016

They didn't call him 'Tricky Dick' for nothing!

Dear Readers:

Richard Nixon and running-mate Spiro Agnew in 1968. In spite of what you hear from the Tight Wingers down in the States, perhaps one of the most disgraceful administrations in U.S. history was the Richard Nixon White House, and that was as a direct result of the moral turpitude of both the President and the Vice President of the United States of America. (Don't forget, Spiro Agnew was also forced to resign in disgrace!)

Even without Spiro's contribution, Richard Nixon did one hell of a good job of totally destroying the legitimacy and reputation of America's highest office!

Image result for nixon clipartRight from nearly the start of his political career with his CHECKERS SPEECH in 1952 this clusterfuck of lies, deceit, corruption and incompetence continued until Nixon was himself kicked out of the Oval Office 22 years later during the Watergate scandal.

 Now the reason I even bring this up, ladies and gentlemen, is because I just heard some asshole in the Republican Party comment on what a great President Richard Millhouse Nixon was! -Ed.
Just in case you think it ends there .........,he also prolonged the Vietnam war, obstructed justice from the Oval Office, used the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to go after his political enemies, launched an illegal war in Cambodia, waged a dirty tricks campaign against his opponents, kept an "enemies list", was recorded in the Oval Office describing Jews as "aggressive, abrasive and obnoxious" and Italians as not having their "heads screwed on tight", ended the Vietnam war with neither peace nor honor, was impeached by Congress, resigned the presidency and left a permanent stain on American democracy … and those are just some of this greatest hits.
Oh, and he also committed treason.
We, of course, now know about the incident with hindsight, but what can definitely be said about it was that Nixon and his associates were integrally involved in an effort to derail a US diplomatic initiative to end the war in Vietnam – and for the most appalling of purposes: to win Richard Nixon a presidential election.

While much of this history has been known for years, it is oddly one of the most forgotten elements of Nixon's odious record in the public spotlight. On some level, though, it is the greatest possible metaphor for Nixon's legacy: that he would without scruple place personal aggrandizement ahead of the national interest.