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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Another Asshole of the Day!

Dear Readers:

Even though we are on a 'bigot" kick right now folks, there is still room for the occasional "asshole" as well!

Matter of fact, the neighbour of this guy in Toronto is going to be presented with our "Asshole of the Day!" award for for ratting him out to the building inspectors and put his $30,000- tree-house in danger of being torn down!

Treehouse boat

"This project has been built out of love for my kids," he told CTV Toronto. "My main goal is to get them away from the TVs and Internet and video games, and for them to socialize with their friends."

The treehouse boat is better-equipped than the average playhouse or garden shed. It has four different entrances, retractable windows, swing ropes, a hammock, an eating area and, most importantly, a ship captain's wheel.

It also towers over neighbours' fences, allowing anyone onboard the "ship" to look into nearby backyards with ease.

"I built this three years ago," Alpeza said. "The roof was on and so were the walls. Nobody complained for a whole year. Only after I changed the walls and the roof from pressure-treated to cedar and made it a lot nicer, a lot more expensive – that's when the complaint was filed."

Treehouse boat