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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Canadian vs American News!

Dear Readers:

As a primarily Canadian publication, I have been repeatedly asked why I'm devoting so much time to the U.S. election primaries ....., and the answer is quite simple: IT'S JUST SO DAMNED INTERESTING!

Let's face it kids, ya can't make this shit up!


Now here's a story that's about as Canadian as ya can get, bunky!
Lucy DeCoutere said on Twitter Saturday she has resigned from the Trailer Park Boys.Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere tweeted Saturday she was resigning from the show, only hours after her colleagues released a statement in support of actor Mike Smith, accused of domestic battery in Hollywood.
(Lucy is one of the three complainants/witnesses in the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault case, and the only one had her name made public  ....., probably for the publicity!) 
"If I find out that somebody is abusive, I cut them out of my life. It's very easy," DeCoutere tweeted earlier Saturday afternoon.

In another tweet, she said her resignation was connected to Smith's arrest.
 Smith, 43, plays the character Bubbles on the popular television show that made its debut on Netflix with Season 8.
Smith and his friend, Georgia Ling, described as the alleged victim, both disputed the charge in a statement. "At no time did I assault her. I am not guilty of the misdemeanor charged against me," Smith said.
Show manager Louis Thomas declined an interview about  DeCoutere's resignation Saturday afternoon, but said the statement
of support represented staff and the Trailer Park Boys three main characters, not all of the cast.

Publicist Shelia Roberts said DeCoutere told the show's producer a few weeks ago that she would not be returning next season. "This does not come as a surprise to us," Roberts said in an email. (Gee, I wonder if this whole thing was a publicity stunt to cash in on the fact that she wasn't returning anyway!)


Another case of police brutality folks, this time in Calgary.
Ali Hassan says he was playing outside with his siblings on Wednesday evening when he saw the cop, who lives in the neighbourhood, chasing after him.
“When I was running down the road, I realized he was running for me, so I just started running for my life,” Ali told CTV Calgary on Friday.
The cop chased the boy through his garage and into the kitchen, where he began biting the boy on the back of his thigh.
“I tried to drag myself away from him and hit him in the face so he’d stop biting, but I couldn’t,” Ali said.
The dog finally let go after Ali’s father punched the animal in the stomach several times. The police handler who lives with the dog then ran into the home and took it away.
Image result for police dog
Police say the dog, a Belgian Malinois named Marco, has worked for the force for about a year.
A neighbour who lives beside the police handler and saw the animal chase the boy said she had never before seen the animal loose.
“It has always been in to the kennel, in to the truck and off to work, and it’s never really been exposed to the street at all,” Rhiannon Iuliani said.
The victim’s father, Mustafa Hassan, says the sudden attack “broke the safety of the neighbourhood” and hopes police consider putting the dog down as a result of their investigation.