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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Censorship raises its ugly head again!

Dear Readers:

A brief note here on censorship, and how what one person thinks would not necessarily turn the crank of someone else!

I wrote an article a few days ago called The Difference Between a Black Man and a Nigger! where I basically said that blacks fostering the image of "gangstas," rappers, and other forms of low-life scum were not doing their people any favours.

Now your long suffering author fully expected to get a torrent of nasty letters and abuse over using the word "nigger" in the article ....., even if that was central to what the piece was all about, but lo and behold I haven't heard a peep about it so far.


Just before the article on black stereotypes I did a piece on the problems with the Israeli / Palestinian peace process, This whole Israeli / Palestinian thing stinks! which was rather benign in comparison to the 'nigger' thing, but since this subject is the current darling of the left wing intelligentsia, academia and media, I got a terse note from 'Reddit' this morning telling me that the article was not appropriate, and had been removed!

Like I said in the previous article, ya can please some of the people some of the time .........., and to hell with the rest!