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Friday, 29 April 2016

Flying High Once More!

Dear Readers:

Well, a little good news for a change!

Image result for airplane clipartBombardier Inc.’s C Series airliner is a possible contender in future fleet renewal purchases, says the head of the company that owns British Airways and Iberia.
Willie Walsh, the chief executive officer of International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG), is “looking at it,” an IAG spokeswoman confirmed.

IAG also owns Irish airline Aer Lingus and Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling Airlines.
The expression of interest comes one day after Montreal-based Bombardier announced a multibillion-dollar order for the C Series from U.S. giant Delta Air Lines Inc.


Since your ever faithful reporter is by nature and inclination a 'dog lover,' and not a 'cat person, 'this video of two bald eagles feeding a cat to their kids didn't bother me too much ....., but I don't think I can show it here since I would immediately have a bunch of 'cat lovers' protesting outside my house and throwing rocks through the windows!


Well folks I always say that if you're going to have a totalitarian dictatorship ya might as well do it right!

Welcome to the secret high-class sex parties for North Korea’s elite, where schoolgirls as young as 13 are allegedly forced into servitude for their leaders’ pleasure.
The girls are picked out at random by soldiers – sometimes from their own school classrooms. Their family and medical histories are closely examined, and routine check-ups are performed to ensure their virginity is intact.
Over the following decade, these girls are expected to service the small military circle of North Korea’s elite. They are known as the leader’s Pleasure Squad – or Gippeumjo.
These are the claims of various defectors who managed to escape North Korea over the past decade.
Each one describes the mysterious group in similar terms - a bizarre secret world where girls are plucked out of society and trained as high-class adult entertainers.
The Pleasure Squad is made up of 2000 North Korean girls, and divided into three specialised groups - one for sexual services, one for giving massages, and one for live singing and dancing, which they can be made to do semi-nude.
Within the walls of North Korea, the practice is incredibly secretive, and knowledge of its existence comes solely from defectors who have fled to China or South Korea.
Even the families of girls in the Squad are not told where they are going - only that they are taking part in “important government projects”. From that moment on, the girls are not permitted to see or speak to their relatives.
Less than six months after his father’s death, the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported that Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea, was seeking new “entertainers” for his own Pleasure Squad, just after the formal three-year mourning period for his father.

MEANWHILE: Have a look at this video of the North Korean military. All these guys you see in the video are members of the North Korean military elite and have access to these "Pleasure Squads!"


The nuts are lose in Baltimore again:

Image result for panda clipartA man wearing what authorities described as a “panda outfit” was shot and wounded by police after he entered a Fox TV station in Baltimore and threatened to blow it up on Thursday with a device he displayed in the lobby.
The man was hospitalized in serious but stable condition early Thursday, and police said he was expected to survive. Police did not release his identity, but said he was 25 and thought to be from Howard County in Maryland. Police were investigating a motive.

MEANWHILE: P.E.T.A. (People for the ethical treatment of animals!) has protested the shooting of the 'panda' with a mass rally in front of city hall.


Well, all the relatives on my wife's side of the family will be glad to hear this:

Rhea Reidy, 7, from Dublin at the Irish Redhead Convention which celebrates everything to do with red hair. Red hair is the rarest of hair colours and accounts for just 0.6% of the global population. People with red hair have long been the butt of unfair jokes, but a study suggests that when it comes to aging they may have the last laugh.
Dutch scientists have discovered that a gene which keeps people looking young is the same gene responsible for red hair and fair skin.
Researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam studied the faces of almost 2,700 elderly Dutch Europeans and found that those carrying a variation of the MC1R gene, which influences skin colour, looked on average two years younger than they were.


News from the world of science that "free will" might be nothing more than self delusion.

Seems that most of the stuff we do is subconsciously "hard wired " into our brains but as we do them our thoughts convince us that we made the decision before we did it!

Son-of-a-bitch, and here I thought I wrote this blog everyday because I liked it!