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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Dear Readers:

According to 'The Mrs. Herself' I rant and rave much too much about all the perceived injustices, transgressions, and the just plain dumb stuff that happens in the world every day!

Sometimes I think she's right ...., but then I see things that cause me to give my head a shake.

Which of course reminds me that maybe I'm not so wrong after all!

Image result for Anders Behring BreivikTake this guy for instance:

Remember him? (Anders Behring Breivik)

He's the guy from Norway who went on a hunting expedition back in 2011 and killed 77 men, women and children during a rampage in and around Oslo.

Well, those bleeding heart left wingers up in Scandinavia  are bitchin' that poor ol' Anders is being hard done by!
In the surprise decision, the Oslo district court said the isolation that Breivik faces in prison for killing 77 people in a bomb-and-gun massacre in 2011 is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"The prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment represents a fundamental value in a democratic society," the court said. "This applies no matter what -- also in the treatment of terrorists and killers."
The court ordered the government to pay Breivik's legal costs of 331,000 kroner, about $41,000. However, it dismissed Breivik's claim that his right to respect for private and family life was violated by restrictions on contacts with other right-wing extremists.
Breivik, 37, had sued the government, saying his isolation from other prisoners, frequent strip searches and the fact that he was often handcuffed during the early part of his incarceration violated his human rights. During a four-day hearing last month at Skien prison in southern Norway, where he is serving his sentence, he also complained about the quality of the prison food, having to eat with plastic utensils and not being able to communicate with sympathizers.
Oh, by the way, did I mention that in solitary confinement Breivik is in a three-cell complex where he can play video games, watch TV and exercise at will.