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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

From Donald to Doris, and everything in between!

Dear Readers:

I have been trying to avoid writing about Donald Trump for the past few days, but like most people I just can't help but think of things I would like to comment on!

Image result for donald trump clipartNever mind Mr. Trump's temper, or his vindictiveness. Never mind his grossly inflated ego, or his thin skin. Never mind his impulsiveness, or his reckless disregard of others. (Bullying)

You could even disregard the fact that Donald Trump is at the very least a sociopath, and more likely a psychopath!

It's the fact that when you put all this together it shows that the man has a deeply flawed character the shouldn't, and couldn't, be trusted with any sort of political power!

In other words ............., he's far too dangerous for his and our own good kids!


Running_Marathon_Lobster_Suit.pngWhile we're on the subject of flawed characters ....., I saw a story about some guy who stopped practicing law and ran the Boston Marathon in a lobster suit to get the respect of his father!

No comment folks, just the facts: Do with them what you will!


Talk about useless bits of information, why would some guy wait till spring to write an article on: "10 best types of wine and sex to have during a blizzard!"


Image result for Omar KhadrHey kids, Omar Khadr is engaged to be married, a friend of the former Guantanamo Bay inmate has confirmed.

(This reminds me of those women who fall in love with, and marry, guys who are in prison for murder .............., and will be for the rest of their lives!)
In October 2010, Khadr pleaded guilty to five war crimes, including murder in the death of a U.S. special forces soldier Christopher Speer. Khadr later said that he pleaded guilty to get out of Guantanamo.
He returned to Canada in 2012, under an international transfer treaty. In May 2015, an Alberta judge granted Khadr bail while he appeals his war crimes conviction.
The 29-year-old is engaged to an Edmonton human rights activist, the friend told CTV’s Janet Dirks.A public Facebook post dated April 17 congratulates Omar Khadr and Muna Abougoush on their “upcoming engagement.”
(In February, the federal government decided not to pursue an appeal of the Alberta court’s decision to grant Khadr bail.)


Here's a bit of news for ya bunky: According to new research, dinosaurs may have been on a long, slow decline for tens of millions of years before a dramatic event (Asteroid) that did them in for good!

According to recently discovered documents from that era, "We were not expecting this result," lead researcher Manabu Sakamoto of the University of Reading said in a statement
Image result for dinosaur clipartSakamoto and his colleagues used statistical analysis of the fossil record to track the rate at which dinosaurs were evolving into new species, and the rate at which those species were going extinct. They found that dinosaurs -- which evolved to fill a wide range of ecological niches with stunning speed -- lost steam for a long time. 

For 50 million years before the extinction event, species were going extinct faster than new ones were emerging. The dinosaurs' evolutionary baby boom was over.
"While the asteroid impact is still the prime candidate for the dinosaurs' final disappearance, it is clear that they were already past their prime in an evolutionary sense," Sakamoto said.


There's a new moving company that just started up in Detroit, Michigan.

So far business is booming!


Doris Roberts, who played the tart-tongued, endlessly meddling mother on Everybody Loves Raymond, has died, a family spokeswoman said.

She was 90. (Doris apparently based her character on my own mother, who is also 90, so her passing was a rather personal moment for me! -Ed.)