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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Moral Indignation!

Dear Readers:

Image result for arab clipartIt seems they just can't leave well enough alone!

The CBC, Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, are still going on about the Canadian arms sale to Saudi Arabia 'Ad Nauseam.'

Everybody else has gone on to other, more important stuff, but these three champions of the far left just won't give up. (Maybe it's perceived as a means of getting more listeners and readers, but the sad truth is that it's nothing more than flogging a dead horse!)

 Even if they were to stop the sale by some means or other, there would only be two direct results for all their efforts.

1. First they could bask in a sense of moral superiority. 2. Then they could rejoice at the economic decimation of S.W. Ontario.

Oh, I almost forgot, also could also destroy Canada's reputation as a  place to do business!


Image result for trump clipartThis whole political mess down in the States is getting crazier every day folks. 

Now there is talk of Impeaching Donald Trump if he ever gets to be President of the United States! (POTUS)

Why? You rightfully ask!

Well, not only because  of all the stuff he already said, but because of the stuff he will probably say and do!


Freshly cut asparagus on a green plate.
Folks, here's a headline from  I just couldn't leave alone: 'Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell Funny?'

What's causing that sulfurous smell from your urine after eating one of the season's earliest vegetables? It's asparagus, of course.

Just what is it that gives "asparagus pee" that pungent smell?
 "To me, my urine after I eat asparagus smells like vegetable soup, maybe even a cabbage soup," said Danielle Reed, associate director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center, in Philadelphia, and an author on a 2011 study in the journal Chemical Senses on how people produce and detect those characteristic asparagus-pee odors.
 People have been noticing the asparagus smell for decades. Novelist Marcel Proust wrote that it "transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume." Benjamin Franklin commented that "a few stems of asparagus shall give our urine a disagreeable odor."



Since we're on the topic of headlines, here's another: "Netanyahu says Israel will never withdraw from Golan Heights!'

Well, not only is that a given, but they'll never stop building settlements in the West Bank until they have the whole thing!

Bernie Sanders was right folks, political support for Israel here in the West is far too lopsided, but that still doesn't excuse the condemnation of that country by  the Arabs, The United Nations and the Left Wing.

Some sort of balance needs to be achieved!


A Tiny Death Star Is the Only Reason You Should Buy a Levitating SpeakerAn unknown breakthrough in consumer levitation technology has led to an influx of floating speakers that don’t sound any different, but look kinda cool—were this the mid-’80s. Before you write them off completely, someone has managed to find a way to make these novelties genuinely worthy of your desk space, as a tiny Death Star replica.


AND FINALLY: Folks, we have been reporting how a lot of rock stars are cancelling concerts in North Carolina  because of what they say is discrimination against the LGBT community by recently enacted legislation.

Image result for SOUTH PARK lgbt washroomWell just so we get everything clear, what the law says is that you have to use the washroom of the sex that you are ........, not the sex you wish you could be.