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Friday, 15 April 2016

Noah's Ark Sinks!

Dear Readers:

They're building a new theme park in Louisville, Kentucky, and it naturally has a Biblical theme.

It's called "Noah's Ark!"
Image result for kid on a dinosaurThe theme park will be searching for 300 to 400 workers to fill food service, ticketing and other theme park-related positions at the 510-foot long Ark Encounter before it opens in July and Ken Ham, founder of the ministry Answers in Genesis, says employees will be required to sign a statement saying they're Christian and "profess Christ as their savior."
The religious group, which will run the ark's operations, won a federal court ruling in January that clarified that it can make religious-based hires even as it seeks a Kentucky tourism tax incentive worth millions.
(We think this museum is run by the same people who own the "Creation Museum." That place has a toy you can buy that shows a kid riding a dinosaur, but naturally there won't be any dinosaurs on the Ark ......, AND THAT'S WHY THERE ARE NO DINOSAURS AROUND TODAY!)


Since we have all the Lefties hootin' and hollerin' about climate change, anti war movements, gender equality, workers rights, same sex marriage, contraception and socialism ......, why is no one protesting the release of the new "Jungle Book" movie by Rudyard Kipling?
After all, the guy was a terrible racist and Imperialist, but nobody seems to mention that because it's a Disney movie!

I don't thing they should have named a street after him in Toronto either ......., anything else but Rudyard Avenue! (By the way, I got out of Toronto in the late 60's when they built the Allen Expressway and spelt my name wrong!!!!)


Those cute, bright little orange torpedoes sold to us as baby carrots are actually not vegetational sucklings at all, according to the Huffington Post.
In 1986, California farmer Mike Yurosek created the bite-sized snacks as a response to supermarkets rejecting imperfect carrots. To do so, Yurosek put some carrots into an industrial green bean cutter and then a potato peeler. And America has never looked back. 
Nowadays, baby carrots make up 70% of carrot sales, probably due to their easy snacking quality, the Washington Post reported. (BUT, like it or not, veal is still made from baby calves!)


I just saw an article called: "Why no one likes Adam Sandler anymore!" 

Listen folks, I can't understand why they liked him in the first place!


Rumours abound that Jamaica might legalize weed and get rid of the Queen.

How they go together is beyond me, but that's what the headline said!


Russian jets have been buzzing a U.S. Fleet operating in the Baltic Sea for the past few days. (Russia did what a dog does—pissing on a tree and marking its territory.)

Seems the planes, though unarmed, wanted to make it clear that the Baltic is Russian's home territory and they were keeping an eye on things! 


Not only are sea levels rising, but the Eastern Seaboard of the United States is sinking due to a depletion of ground water!!!!

Goodbye Florida!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I keep telling everyone that Aliens exist and they are no further away than your local aquarium or seashore!

Never mind monsters on the big screen or Martians in your favourite novel ................, if ya want to see a real life Alien, then an octopus is stranger and more frighting than anything you could possibly imagine!