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Friday, 22 April 2016

This time it's not a scam, folks!

Dear Readers:

Your humble reporter got an offer from the F.B.I. this morning to share in some heavy duty loot, but the only problem was that they wanted $180- up front, which made me sort of suspicious!


Since then another offer has come to me from a good friend of mine in the Middle-East and this one does not have any conditions attached to it!

Perhaps Ahmed will even be willing to share this with other people, in which case you are invited to e-mail him as well!


First let me introduce myself. My name is AHMED UMAR. I am the attorney for the son of Libyan leader Col Mommar Gaddafi.

I am sure you must have heard about the revolution sweeping my country. as you can see on the following links:

This has prompted me to leave the country to another African country which I will disclose to you in due time.

Now to the reason of my writing to you. As a trusted aid and personal lawyer to the son of the Libyan leader Col Mommar Gaddafi.

We have secure the total of
35.330 million Pounds from access crude oil account, this fund was pulled out on the heat of this crises rocking Libya. The said fund was deposited with a security company in a location, ( not Libya) which I will let you know in due cause.

Now it seems the regime of Col Gaddafi has come to an end and no one knows what will happen next. Now I have received instruction from my client Saif Al Islam Gaddafi the second son of Col.Gaddafi to look for a partner to secure the money from security company. This will enable him have some thing to fall on, if the inevitable happens.

We are ready to let you have 30% of the total sum, while I will have 10% and 60 % will be kept by you for my client or even help in investing for him pending when things stabilize. I have all the papers to help us in getting the fund from the security company.

Please if you are interested in this transaction, urgently respond to me through my email as ( ) so that I can brief you in details.

But if you are not interested, please treat the email as it never come to you.

This is confidential and must not be discussed by the third party or unauthorized person(s).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.