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Thursday, 28 April 2016

"Piss off" takes an entirely different meaning!

Dear Readers:

Since I'm in the solar energy business this article caught my eye and tickled my fancy. (And if you've ever had your fancy tickled, you know what I mean!)

Instead of just flushing it away, your pee could one day generate power. Researchers have developed a way to create affordable and renewable electricity with a fuel cell that runs on urine.

The new device relies on natural biological processes of so-called electric bacteria, essentially living cells that eat and breathe electricity.
"These electric bacteria are a fascinating type of bacteria that are capable of transferring electrons generated by the breaking down of organic compounds extra-cellularly," said study co-author Mirella Di Lorenzo, a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, in the United Kingdom. [5 Amazing Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Biotech]
The scientists worked on this idea to develop a means of generating electricity at low cost, which could help with combatting dependence on fossil fuels (since urine would be the only fuel needed to run the cell).
The device is also carbon-neutral, according to the researchers, which means no additional carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when it operates. The cost-effectiveness of the materials used, the zero emission of harmful gasses, and the use of waste as fuel with the additional advantage of treating waste while generating electricity all contribute to how the device can support secure, affordable and environmentally friendly energy, Di Lorenzo said.



Should white Americans relocate back to Europe?
The European Americans should return to Europe, as that's where they came from.
The African Americans should return to Africa, as that's where they came from.
The Native Americans from South America should return to North America, as that's where they immigrated there from.
The Native Americans from both South and North America should return to Siberia, as that's where they came from.
All residents of Asia should move back to Europe and the Middle East, as that's where they came from.
All Europeans and Middle Easterns should move back to Africa, as that's where they came from.
We should all go back to that one valley that Homo Sapiens originally came from AND LEAVE THE REST TO THE NEANDERTHALS!

Oh wait, there aren't any more Neanderthals, we already wiped them out!

Never mind!


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