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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Poor, white and stupid is no way to go through life, son!

Dear Readers: (This is going to be a short one!)

Image result for poor white trash clipartIt constantly amazes, confuses and befuddles me why the poor white voters down in the States consistently vote for the Republicans when the GOP agenda does absolutely nothing for them!

I ran across this answer, and it seems to address a lot of the questions I had: There are a few reasons why the American working poor repeatedly vote for Conservatives who promote small government, tax cuts for the rich, and removal of the social security system that will put these voters at a disadvantage. 

A research team had went to the Red States and actually interviewed the poor people about their voting choices.

1. First of all, they don't vote. People who are really poor, and who would benefit from social welfare don't vote.

2. Secondly, race and religion. It's not news, but for a lot of people, it is more important to vote against gay marriage and Planned Parenthood than better social security. 


The long and short of it is that these people are not only white and poor, but they're stupid as well. (Which probably helps explain the 'poor' part!) 


Now here's a bit of news that we can infer from a headline: "Driver in crash that killed RCMP officer released!"

The cops let him go about a day after the accident without any charges, which means that first of all he hadn't been drinking, and second, he didn't do anything wrong ......, because they would have laid charges immediately.

This seems to suggest that the only reason he was arrested was because of the involvement of an RCMP officer in the accident, and naturally when they couldn't hang anything on him they eventually had to kick him lose!


Way back in 1979 I was still working in radio, but by that time only on weekends as a hobby.

There was a song that came out that year which was a 'one hit wonder,' and also played so much that after it went away I never wanted to hear it again!

I'm talking about "The Pina-Colada Song" by Rupert Holmes.

Well, now that it's 2016 a new version came out by that infamous band from Paris, France, (During the terrorist raid) Death Metal!

It's certainly not any better, but it sure is interesting!