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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rosie vs 'The Donald'

Dear Readers: If nothing else, Donald Drumpf continues to provide fodder for the comedy grist mill and the latest to get in on the action is 'The Donald's' old nemesis Rosie O'Donnell who just might be more formidable than either Ted Cruz or John Kasich!
Rosie O'Donnell took to the Great White Way to mock Donald Trump in a parody she sang at Broadway's DISASTER! show on Thursday night in New York City. In a parody of the tune, There Are Worse Things I Could Do, from the hit show, Grease, O'Donnell sang, "There are worse things I could do, and I'll now name one or two. These are things he's said or done, just sit back, let's have some fun." Rosie's performance was for charity.

Image result for putin clipartWell it seems the big guys in Iceland and now Ukraine have resigned as a result of allegations and innuendo in the Panama Papers!

Good luck trying to get rid of Putin!

Or Assad!


The vice president of Jet Pack International, Nick Macomber, was hospitalized following a crash in Denver, Colorado on Friday.

Macomber, who was on his way to work, was flying a hydrogen peroxide-fueled jet pack when he lost control of the back pack and fell 20 feet, landing on his head.
“The guy was bleeding, he had head wounds where he had blood gushing on his face, he was spitting out blood, it looks like he had landed on his knees and he couldn`t get up,” said Alison McCoy who works next door at Premier Roofing and came running over moments after the accident. “They always have protective gear, helmet the whole shebang but nobody seemed to notice that this time,” said McCoy.
Macomber was admitted with lacerations, a broken jaw and burns, but has since been released from the hospital.


Jet Pack International Executive Crashes Mid-Flight


Here's another great headline for ya: N.W.A., Chicago, Cheap Trick inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Now the only question I have is: Who the hell is N.W.A? 
N.W.A. entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Friday, with the groundbreaking quintet that reflected the rough streets of Los Angeles in a style known as gangster rap, defiant against those who have suggested rappers didn't belong in the institution.
They joined the rock hall in a ceremony at Brooklyn's Barclays Centre with 1970s-era rock acts Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple and Steve Miller.
N.W.A.'s rough-hewn tales tilted the balance toward West Coast rap in the late 1980s on songs like Boyz N The Hood, F— the Police, and Straight Outta Compton.
Following the act's breakup, Dr. Dre became one of music's most in-demand producers and a billionaire with a high-tech headphone company. Ice Cube has since moved between music and a successful acting career.
For all their success, some traditional rockers have resisted the inclusion of rap acts into the hall, most prominently Kiss leader Gene Simmons, whose band was inducted in 2014.

(Well, as Shania Twain used to say: "That don't impress me much!")


"The Mrs. Herself" spent about five years in Saudi Arabia during the 1980's and while there she heard rumours about how primitive and cruel the Saudi prisons were for the average guy on the street. (Or not on the street if ya want to get technical!)

Now imagine my surprise when I saw this headline and article: Inside Saudi Arabia’s prison for jihadists: Big-screen TVs, king-size beds and visits from multiple wives.
The “guests” are issued key cards for their rooms, receive three catered meals per day and sleep in luxury suites outfitted with big-screen TVs, king-size beds and shiny wallpaper.
They call it the Family House, and it feels like a boutique hotel, if you can overlook the lack of windows, the towering walls outside and the location — inside one of Saudi Arabia’s high-security prisons for jihadis.
The house is designed to give jihadis who behave well a respite from inmate life and help them reconnect with their wives and children, and perhaps even conceive new ones.
That positive reinforcement is emblematic of the Saudi approach to its homegrown jihadi, which would not translate well to the West. Those who have done their misdeeds abroad and have not participated in attacks at home are generally regarded as misled Saudi sons who need to have their thinking corrected so they can return to society as good, obedient subjects.
Image result for Inside Saudi Arabia’s prison for jihadists:All inmates get certain benefits, Abu Nawaf said, like a monthly stipend equivalent to $400 for incidentals and the possibility of “temporary release” for family functions. An inmate heading to a relative’s wedding, for example, gets $2,666 so he can give a gift.

Large rooms with couches and tables are provided for family visits, and inmates who are not considered dangerous also receive “special visits” from their spouses in small rooms with pink walls, pink beds, a minibar (no alcohol, of course) and a bathroom.

Each wife can visit once a month, resulting in a polygamy benefit for men with more than one spouse.