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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Lefties are at it Again!

Dear Readers:

Image result for lavThe son's-o-bitches just won't let well enough alone!

When they're not complaining about pipelines the next best thing they have is to gripe about the sale of armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

Now I happen to live in London, Ontario and any cancellation of this deal would decimate this city after it's already been hit with a bunch of auto plant closings like Ford Talbotville. (Never mind the 3000 jobs that would be affected folks, after all, it's not in the bleeding hearts own back yard.)

What is important is taking a stand against all those nasty human rights violations going on, and supporting the good old American Canadian way!  

Image result for arab clipartAnd it's not only about Saudi Arabia kids, it's just about every country in the Middle East! (Oh ya, throw in Israel too, because they're also a bunch of pricks! [sic])

Because of all this complaining from the socially conscious crowd Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion had to go on television again today and explain why Canada can't just cancel the contract ......, and that was good enough for the CTV network, which then went back to regular programming.


No sir!

After all was said and done they spent another hour flogging Saudi Arabia, and televising Members of Parliament (Especially the NDP, who originally approved the deal!) who decried the Government for their lack of compassion over any future perceived human rights violations.

Let me emphasis that once more bunky: "Any perceived future human rights violations!"

Yup, according to the "Amnesty International" crowd we have to decimate a Canadian city now, just in case the Saudi's decide to get rank with their citizens at some time in the future! 

Makes sense to me!