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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Watching the People Watching "Your Ward Watch!"

Dear Readers;

You might remember a few days ago when I wrote a piece called "And now for something completely different!"

Image result for james searsIt was about a bullshit rag called "Your Ward News" that is distributed in the east end of Toronto and apparently has quite a following. (?)

The guy running the show there is "Dr." James Sears, a.k.a. "Dimitri the Lover" and they rant and rave about racists and white power shit, as well as a clusterfuck of other stuff all these groups seem to get their underwear in a knot over.

Then I go on with another quote from "Your Ward News Watch" which is a blog that runs down "Your Ward News" at every chance they get. (Matter of fact, I got most of the article's quotes from them!)

As if YWN wasn’t enough of a gong show, Toronto conspiracy theorist creep Lawrence McCurry recently jumped into the mix. McCurry is vaguely known by some in Toronto for showing up at activist events looking like inspector gadget, claiming to be a journalist, and taking voyeuristic pictures of people with the likes of Greg Renouf.
In addition to being hilarious looking and writing terribly, McCurry shares Leroy/Sears’ passion for Marxist conspiracy theories, and he recently wrote an article defending YWN and posted a supportive interview with James Sears to his Youtube channel:


Lawrence McCurry

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Hey Allen, write something original instead of copying someone else's LIES. OH and go fuck yourself you Marxist Lackey.

Well Jesus Christ boys and girls, I give these guys some free publicity and this is the thanks I get!

(Oh, and just as a side note here, how the hell did I suddenly get labeled as a communist?)