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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ain't no home where the buffalo roam!

Dear Readers:

Your ever watchful servant is not sure whether to make these people our "Asshole of the Day" or just plain "Losers of the Day"

Ya see, their intentions were good, but the outcome stunk!

Seems a group of tourists saw a baby buffalo on the side of the road and decided it looked "cold," so they loaded it into the trunk of their car and took it to a Ranger station.

Well, wouldn't ya know it, the calf wasn't cold at all, BUT, when park Park Rangers took it back to the herd ......, the adult buffalo wouldn't have anything to do with the calf because it had the stink of "humans" all over it!!!!!

After repeated attempts to get the herd to accept the tiny calf they finally had to kill the poor thing, rather than let it starve to death in the wild.


Hey kids, Bruce Caitlin Jenner could have cut his her penis off after all when he she got that sex-change operation! (We all suspected that he she kept his her dick just in case he she had a change of heart down the road .,,,,,,,. which he she did!)

Why, you ask?
A man in Massachusetts has become the first person in the United states to have a penis transplant. The patient was Thomas Manning, a 64-year-old whose penis was amputated because of cancer. Massachusetts General Hospital made the announcement Monday that a team of a dozen surgeons and about 30 health-care workers, led by Dr. Curtis L. Cetrulo and Dr. Dicken Ko, performed the procedure last Friday.
Doctors said in a statement the transplanted penis had begun to receive regular blood flow, and showed no signs of infection or rejection. The team of doctors prepared for the surgery for more than three years, often using cadavers for dissection and to practice attaching and removing tissue. It took Manning two weeks waiting on the donor list to find someone with matching skin tone and blood type. The donation had to first be approved by the deceased donor’s family because a penis is not among the regular body parts included when someone agrees to become a donor.
Image result for white man with black dickI draw your attention to that line about "matching skin tone," because it would have been hilarious if they had given him a black dick!!!!!

Or a furry one!


Extra, Extra, read all about it!

Samantha Bee has hit upon the reasons why the evangelical right is voting en masse for Donald Trump! (Hint: Donald Trump has the best chance of speeding up the Apocalypse!)