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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

From running your mouth, to running over a motorcycle!

Dear Readers:

Image result for donald trump clipartMarco Rubio came out yesterday and said he was sorry he implied Donald Drumpf had a small dick. However he did stand by his assertion that Trump was a pinhead!
The size of Trump’s penis became an actual, legitimate, real life, no-foolin’ issue in the campaign in February when Rubio made light of what he said were Trump’s small hands.
 Meanwhile, Donald Trump would like everyone to know that he, in fact, has a huge dick! (Or he is a big dick ...., we forget which one!)


Image result for planet of the apes Kaley Cuoco is joining the chorus of voices speaking out against the killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend after a 4-year-old boy fell into its enclosure. Cuoco's statement comes as an eyewitness account of the gorilla's violent behavior has emerged.
 Cuoco continued, "If you watch the footage, you see this gorgeous animal holding that child's hand. Do with that, what you will. As sad as this makes me, a part of me is happy for that amazing creature doesn't have to live in captivity another day.
Image result for planet of the apesA Zoo spokesman said: "The idea of waiting and shooting it with a hypodermic was not a good idea. That would have definitely created alarm in the male gorilla. When you dart an animal, anesthetic doesn't work in one second, it works over a period of a few minutes to 10 minutes. The risk was due to the power of that animal."
Yes folks, the gorilla did hold the boys hand, but at other times it threw the kid into a corner and dragged it around the enclosure! Kaley Cuoco suffers from that celebrity delusion that being in the public eye makes her an authority on any subject. She would do better to just keep her mouth shut!


Hey ladies, did the old man finally keel over from that long anticipated heart attack?

How about you guys waiting for the old battleaxe to finally go to her "just reward!"

Well gather round, boys and girls, we got just the thing for you!
New Gadget Helps Turn Departed Loved Ones into TreesInstead of keeping a departed loved one's ashes in an urn over the fireplace, why not breathe new life into them, in the form of a tree that can sit in your living room or outside on your porch? A new gadget helps you nurture life from ashes, and regardless of how green your thumbs are, it offers a way to keep loved ones close after they die. The Bios Incube, created by the company Bios Urn, is an incubator that monitors and cultivates trees from human ashes in people's homes. The company says the invention allows people to return the deceased to life through nature, creating a living reminder of that person. "When someone dies, they physically die, but the people who are around the deceased person still remember," said Roger Moliné, co-founder of Bios Urn. [Top 10 Weird Ways We Deal with the Dead]
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Now here's a guy you don't want to meet on the road!

Robert Vance is being held in Pasco County Jail in Florida after he drove his car over a man and a woman on a motorcycle. He was charged with aggravated battery, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries and being a habitual traffic offender. (Sgt. Steve Gaskins)
Image result for goofy road rageThe collision happened after “a few choice words” were traded, according to a Florida Highway Patrol arrest report.
It was captured on video, in a clip that lasts about nine seconds.
That footage shows a silver car near a motorcycle on a Florida road. Suddenly, the car swerves toward the motorcycle, knocking it down — along with the motorcycle’s driver and passenger.
The car barrels over the motorcycle before speeding off.
Image result for goofy road rage“I thought the guy was trying to kill us, obviously,” Joe Calderazzo, the biker who was involved in the crash, told WTSP. “You know, you don’t know what’s going through your mind. Is he going to put the car in reverse? Is he going to turn around? Is he going to stop and pull out a gun? You don’t know what’s going on.”
Taken into custody in connection with the road-rage incident was 31-year-old Robert Paul Vance, according to the Highway Patrol.
Vance, of Land O’ Lakes, Fla., was charged with aggravated battery, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries and being a habitual traffic offender, according to an arrest report.