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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Drumpf is not the worst of a bad lot!

Dear Readers:

"Comparatively speaking," The Donald is not as crazy as ya can get in this election folks!

Just about to jump into the pool is non other than John McAfee, that deeply crazy inventor of the Internet "McAfee Anti Virus System."

Get a load of this from Wonkette:
Oh boy! It’s that very special time of the year: The fringe candidate ads are here! Feast on this brilliant sample of sensory overload from Libertarian presidential candidate John McAffee. Yes, the antivirus guy. Yes, the one who “was named as a ‘person of interest’ in an unsolved 2012 murder case in Belize and later claimed he is a target of a Central American hit squad for his criticisms of the Belize government.” Yes, the guy who had seven women living with him in Belize as part of a “social engineering project,” which even we think is an unnecessarily complex term for “enjoys group sex, maybe, and if it’s consensual, that’s OK.”
 STILL DON'T BELIEVE HE'S CRAZY? (Here's his campaign video!)


Austin Lee Russell appears in court Monday. His lawyers told a Las Vegas judge he intends to plead guilty in state court to felony weapon and misdemeanor attempted drug possession charges.A star of the reality show Pawn Stars is taking a plea deal that could spare him jail time in a case stemming from the discovery of guns, marijuana and other drugs at his Las Vegas home.
Austin Lee Russell, known as "Chumlee" on the TV series, told a judge Monday that he intends to plead guilty to a felony weapon charge and a misdemeanor count of attempted drug possession.
The agreement will get him counseling and three years' probation. (The Judge was originally going to give him jail time, but after careful consideration declared: "Ya can't fix stupid!")


Bill Cosby arrived in court today for the start of his 'Indecent Assault' trial and it struck me that the older Michael Jackson got, the 'whiter' he looked, while Cosby seems to be getting blacker with age!
 Weird eh?


Two capybara are on the loose in Toronto’s High Park after escaping from their pens, police said Tuesday morning.
Const. Craig Brister said the capybara escaped from the High Park Zoo overnight, and police were notified shortly before 9 a.m. The animals are believed to be somewhere in the park, which spans 399 acres in the city’s west end.
“I haven’t seen anything to indicate that there’s anything untoward that’s happened,” Brister said. “We’re just hoping to create some awareness for people that are in the park, when they’re walking, walking their dogs, just to keep an eye out (so) we can get them back.”
The capybara — which Brister compared to a “giant guinea pig” — is the world’s largest rodent, weighing anywhere up to 1500 lb by adulthood. A semi-aquatic species from Central and South America, it is not considered dangerous.


The case of a Nova Scotia woman known as the Internet Black Widow has been put over until next month, when she is expected to answer to charges that she breached the conditions of her release from prison by going online. 
Melissa Ann Shepard's lawyer, Mark Knox, appeared in Halifax provincial court on Tuesday in his client's place. The case was put over until June 22.
A police officer says he spotted Shepard, 80, going online at the Halifax Central Library in April. That would violate the conditions imposed on her after her release from prison.
She is charged with three counts of breaching a recognizance.
In 2013, Shephard was sentenced to 3½ years for administering a noxious thing and failing to provide the necessaries of life to Fred Weeks, who was her newlywed husband. Weeks fell ill at a bed-and-breakfast in Cape Breton in September 2012, just a few days after marrying Shepard.
Shepard served her full sentence and was released from prison in March.
Halifax police allege she is a high risk to re-offend.
  Melissa Ann Shepard's lawyer appeared in court today, but the case was delayed for a month.
 (What a sweet looking old lady!)