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Friday, 6 May 2016

I'm just sayin'

Dear Readers:

What's the best thing about banging your head against a brick wall?

392That just about sums up the situation with the politically correct, radical, tree hugging, vegetarian, animal rights activists, left wing intelligentsia who are doing their best to take over this country.

689Now any regular reader of this blog knows I'm not a big fan of the right wing, because frankly, they scare the shit out of me. But my frustration with the radical left, from their condemnation of Israel to support of radical socialism, the civil rights movements, feminist movements, anti-war movements, and environmental movements, and if ya want to go one step further, Left-libertarians, libertarian socialists, and anarchists believe in a decentralized economy run by trade unions; workers' councils; cooperatives; municipalities; and communes, and oppose both government and private control of the economy, preferring local control, in which a nation of decentralized regions are united in a confederation.

610Then there's the global justice movement, also known as the anti-globalization movement or alter-globalization movement, protests against corporate economic globalization, due to its alleged negative consequences for the poor, workers, the environment, and small businesses. 

078And let's not forget those people who want to shut down the oil sands, nuclear power, and the 15 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia .........., OH, and make all cars out of rubber so they bounce off each other! (I actually heard a girl  in Vancouver say that when I was living there!)

990I could go on and on folks, but the straw that broke the camels back happened today right here in London, Ontario when some members of city council wanted to replace a World War 11 tank in the main park downtown because it was in such bad shape, and replace it with one of those locally made LAV Stryker vehicles which have become one of the mainstays of our local economy!
Image result for lav stryker clipart

A bunch of those asshole left wingers think that would send the wrong message for today's society, and suggest we put up a memorial statue of all the seal pup's that have been clubbed ........, or some other piece of left wing bullshit!

221I gotta tel ya people, it's stuff like this that would make some deranged nut climb a bell tower and start shooting people. (And I have to ad a disclaimer here boys and girls, because I know there are some left wing radicals that read this blog and would like nothing better than to phone the cops on me .................., NO, I'm not considering it, and NO, I don't know anyone who would!)

I'm just sayin'!