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Monday, 9 May 2016

Pass the GMO!

Dear Readers:

While we are on the subject of tree huggers, and I'm just in the right mood, let's look at a few facts!

- Ever since lefties started to complain about vaccinations the incidence of measles and T.B. have risen dramatically while the rate of autism has remained unchanged! (They claim vaccinations cause autism, thanks to that former girlfriend of Jim Carey's.)

- Communities that have banned the use of fluoride in their drinking water have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of childhood tooth decay!

-  GMO's are BAD for ya, even though one of Canada's greatest inventions, Triticalia, (winter wheat) is a form of wheat that has kept millions of people around the world from starving to death!

Well, that's an example of genetically modified plants and vegetables, but how about some of the other GMO's?
Do you have a pet dog? Nothing more than a genetically modified wolf, bunky!
How about big, plump tomatoes, or apples, or vegetables, or ...... well, you get the idea!
Yup, GMO's are everywhere folks, and the only way to get around this is to go back to being a hunter-gatherer cave-man! (Sorry, cave-person!)