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Monday, 16 May 2016

Straight from the horse's mouth!

Dear Readers:

I just spent the weekend with my cousin and his wife, who are from Germany and here on a three week vacation. (By the way, although they went to Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City, they are just gaga about Toronto!)

During the course of our visit the conversation naturally turned to political issues and it was a lively discussion that focused on a variety of issues that for the sake of expediency I will list here in bullet form. (And don't forget folks, this guy is a well educated professional who has seen a good part of the world, not some hillbilly from the backwoods!)

Here we go:
- Obama is a smart and very well intentioned person who is weak in any display of resolve.
- Trump is a dangerous clown.
- Putin is a strong man and has a heart of ice ...., he's on his way to becoming, or has become, the richest person in the world. (The one thing that is slowing him down is the collapse of oil prices, BUT IN SPITE OF THIS, Germans are equally divided on whether they should get closer to the Americans ...., or the Russians!)

- The media in Germany is even more left wing than it is here, and that includes being anti Israel and pro Arab. (Although that is changing fast as the impact of one million North African Muslims is being felt.)

- Speaking of Muslims, he thinks we have it easy here in Canada because the 25,000 people from Syria we admitted were mostly middle-class families while 80 - 85% of the Muslims entering Europe are young, single males who's culture is at direct odds with European values and norms. (The dramatic rise in petty crime, assaults, robberies and sexual assaults are not a figment of anyone's imagination kids, as a matter of fact, the left leaning media has under-reported this problem by a large margin.)

- There really are Muslim sections in the big cities of Europe where it is not safe to go anymore!

-The Arab Spring will not happen. The only thing that keeps the lid on religious and ethnic/tribal clashes in the Middle-East is not democracy, but rather a strong  Dictatorship!
- Turkey will never become part of the E.U. They are mostly North African and Muslim while Europe is for the most part white and Christian. (Although that's starting to change, bunky. See cartoon!)
 - Europe and the E.U. are in for some major, and perhaps catastrophic changes in the next few years.
AND THERE YA GO FOLKS, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak!