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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Three new planets discovered!

Dear Readers:

Three planets with sizes and temperatures akin to those of the Earth and Venus are circling a dwarf star 40 light-years away.
The star in question, named TRAPPIST-1 after the telescope used to observe it, is weaker and cooler than the Sun at the heart of our solar system. However, two of the three planets orbiting it have regions capable of supporting human life due to the fact that they are closer to their star than the Earth is to the Sun. 
On May 4 two of the three planets will be transitioning TRAPPIST-1, an event that can only be seen from Earth-based telescopes once every two years. Astronomers will use this opportunity to further measure the planets' atmospheres and signs of water vapor.
Image result for jetsons clipart(Scientists have released this picture from the second planet in the system which they have taken to calling "Middle-trap!") 
"With such short orbital periods, the planets are between 20 and 100 times closer to their star than the Earth to the Sun. The structure of this planetary system is much more similar in scale to the system of Jupiter's moons than to that of the solar system," said lead astronomer Michaël Gillon of the University of Liège in Belgium.


 Now here's a real bad case of political correctness:
My first boss right out of college was terrific — ambitious, warm and open to friendly lunches outside the office.
Then one day in December, the topic turned to her plans for Christmas.
She asked where I would be celebrating the holiday, and I said, “Oh, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m a Jew.” She gaped.
Image result for jew clipartI wasn’t expecting her response: “Why would you say something so derogatory about yourself?”
She whispered, “You called yourself a Jew. That’s an awful word to use. It’s like saying n—–.”
“No, it’s not. I’m just saying that I’m Jewish.”
“They’re not the same. ‘Jewish’ is fine. ‘Jew’ is not. Really, I’m surprised you just said it out loud at work.”
I tried to explain that to say one is a Jew is not offensive in the slightest, but she was adamant.
P.S. Thank God I don't have that problem when I tell people that I'm Lutheran! -Ed.


Federal public servants and military staff will be instructed on survival techniques in preparation for working in the dark at National Defence headquarters in Ottawa for three days later this month.
The ventilation system will also be shut down and the elevators won’t be working.
Image result for hot day in the office clipart
The arrangements will affect 15 military and civilian staff working their regular shifts at a communications centre at National Defence headquarters over the May long weekend. The building will be without electricity as part of regular maintenance.
The workers will be issued with headlamps and batteries so they can find their way around the darkened building. (The workers on the 11th floor won’t have access to water or toilets during the shutdown because of low water pressure. They will be given bottled water. Toilets up to the sixth floor of the building will continue to function.)

 Yup, it's a good thing they will be supplied with headlamps in case someone has to go to the can!!!!!


Picture this: It's a nice sunny Monday afternoon on a bus in downtown Istanbul, Turkey.

Some guy standing in the middle of the isle decides to whip out his 'Johnson' and show it to the woman next to him!

What to do? What to do?

Well that's simple kids, swarm the guy and give him a gang-slap, and then turn him over to the cops when he gets off. (The bus, that is!)

AND FINALLY: Let's listen to this prophesy from Bill O'Reilly!