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Sunday, 22 May 2016

To Hell in a Handbasket!

Dear Readers:

If you've ever wondered what the world is coming to I had the perfect answer today when our neighbour got accosted by a guy and his dog!

A big dog!

A really big dog!

A doberman!

Let's start at the beginning, early this morning 'The Mrs. Herself' go all excited because she thought a deer was running around in our backyard.  (We have a valley and river at the end of our property, and as a result we get all sorts of wild animals, and even wilder teenagers coming and going at all hours of the night and day ......, especially in the summer!)

Well it turns out this 'deer' was actually a great big doberman, and by the time I got outside to see what the hell was going on the dog had disappeared ...., and I thought that was the last of it. 

Well, don't ya know that at suppertime the dog is back, and I heard a neighbour yelling at someone about letting this thing run wild in our neck of the woods.

(From the small bit of the conversation I managed to hear, the dog had jumped at someone that morning, and now the guy was back to let the animal run free down by the river again.)

Needless to say the lady was very upset that this monster was on the lose when all sorts of people, including a bunch of kids, were outside playing at this time of day.

The animal was running back and forth, and as she screamed at the guy about letting his dog terrorized the neighborhood he calmly said: "THAT'S VERBAL ABUSE LADY AND I'M CALLING MY LAWYER!"

He then walked over to his pickup, put the dog in the back, and drove away. (Which means he wasn't even from this area!!!!!)

Like I said folks, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and there ain't nothin we can do about it!