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Thursday, 5 May 2016

What do old folks do for entertainment?

 Dear Readers;

It might not be easy being green, but it's even harder being old!

[]A QUOTE FROM HAROLD: “I've often been asked, '... What do you old folks do now that you're retired?'

Well, I stay active and happy. I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering background and one of the things I enjoy most is converting beer and scotch into urine.

Then I take a jog out to the shed and piss on a picture of Kathleen Wynne. I do this several times every day. I really enjoy it and I get my exercise too!”

Harold is an inspiration to all of us old folks.


 Some people just can't win for losing!

Image result for Fahed LabekA Fort McMurray man whose relatives from war-torn Syria recently migrated to northern Alberta as refugees says his family has escaped one fire for another.

Fahed Labek fled the encroaching wildfire flames two days ago with his mother, sister, husband-in-law and their two children, who arrived in Canada in late February.

Labek, who made it to Edmonton after a harrowing journey, says he's concerned the refugees are enduring additional trauma after leaving the Middle East.


Image result for spider clipartNews from the world of science:  Spider sex is quite the event for kinky arachnids. It includes males salivating on female genitals, a bit of S&M with binding, genital "plugs"......., and actual cannibalism!

Want more details? Not on these pages you're not, I hate spiders!!!!


 Well! An incredibly simplistic argument breaks out every time liberal groups push to raise the federal minimum wage. We'll lose jobs, opponents say. No we won't, supporters say.


Image result for beggar clipartResearchers at the National Employment Law Project — which advocates in favor of raising the federal minimum — have produced possibly the most un-nuanced analysis of the effects of minimum wage hikes that you'll ever see.

Its researchers, Paul K. Sonn and Yannet M. Lathrop, went back and looked at each of the 22 instances since 1938 in which the United States raised its federal minimum wage. They looked at what followed with employment overall, and what happened in the leisure/hospitality and retail sectors, where minimum-wage jobs are often concentrated.

They did not look at counterfactuals. They did not look at rates of change.

They simply asked one question: One year after the wage went up, were there more jobs or less?

Image result for beggar clipartThey found that 68 percent of the time, total jobs went up across the economy. Retail jobs increased 73 percent of the time. Hospitality employment rose 82 percent of the time.

The researchers also say business cycles explain the instances when employment fell: Each of those times, they write, the economy had entered or just come out of a recession.

 “It shows that the predictions of, 'when you raise the minimum wage, jobs will go down,' are not supported by the evidence, full stop,” Sonn said in an interview.