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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Which witch is which?

Dear Readers:

I made a comment on these pages last week that it didn't as much matter if Jian Ghomeshi was guilty or not, than the fact that it's too easy to ruin lives by unsubstantiated accusations.

As an example of this is the tale of the little boy who yelled "wolf" and eventually had the townsfolk stop believing him, but the girls who cry "rape" can do so with impunity from now until doomsday, because the mere suggestion of a man's impropriety is enough to get a guy's ass thrown in jail without passing go and without collecting $200!

Another example of this insanity and backlash against male chauvinism and misogyny is a statement I just saw about some women who were suing Bill Cosby for drugging and sexually molesting them ....., they put the icing on the cake with this statement:

"Some of the women claim the entertainer defamed them with his denials."

That's right, read it carefully kids ....., it's one thing to claim he did all sorts of mean, nasty, terrible things to them, but they went one step further and are suing him for having the audacity of denying that anything ever happened.
A woman who accuses Bill Cosby of drugging and molesting her when she was 17 has filed a lawsuit against the comedian that also blames Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner.
Chloe Goins, now 26, claims that Cosby, 78, gave her an alcoholic drink spiked with a foreign substance that caused her to black out during a party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 2008. She awoke in a bedroom to find her breasts exposed while Cosby was biting at her toes with his pants down, according to the lawsuit, filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.  (Cosby is engulfed in multiple lawsuits and countersuits involving his accusers.)
Goins sued Cosby in federal court last year, but dropped the lawsuit without explanation in February. She withdrew the suit shortly after Los Angeles prosecutors declined to press criminal charges against Cosby. The Los Angeles Times reported that investigators found discrepancies in Goins’ story.
Goins initially told police the assault occurred at Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party in August 2008, where she was a guest of a friend, who’d been invited. After the person she named as her friend told investigators he didn’t know Goins and had never been to the Playboy Mansion, Goins changed her story, saying she was unsure when the party was.
Goins’ new lawsuit doesn’t name the friend and says she is “unsure of the exact date of the visit” to the Playboy Mansion.

This reminds me of the Salem Witch Trails where the only way to establish your innocence  once you were accused was to drown!

Swimming Test

As part of the infamous “swimming test,” accused witches were dragged to the nearest body of water, stripped to their undergarments, bound and then tossed in to to see if they would sink or float. Since witches were believed to have spurned the sacrament of baptism, it was thought that the water would reject their body and prevent them from submerging. According to this logic, a witch would simply bob on the surface while an innocent person would sink like a stone ......, thereby drowning! (But at least they weren't a witch!)
So once again folks, both Ghomeshi and Cosby know what they did, and didn't do, but the lengths that some of their accusers will go to heap revenge and scorn on them is about the same as beating a dead horse ......, it doesn't get you anywhere! 

(Once again, just so we're completely clear, I'm just saying that it's far too easy to cry "wolf" in cases of sexual assault against a guy. I'm not making any statements or allegations about Ghomeshi's or Cosby's guilt or innocence here ......, simply because I don't want some of  these women showing up at MY front door with picket signs!)