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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dr. Strangelove Again?

Dear Readers:

I got this in the mail today, and it's interesting and factual enough (up to a point) that it made me look into it further!
Image result for nuclear blast clipart
Turn out it's one of those 'end times' and  'survivalist'  bullshit propaganda things  to sell books or something. (I couldn't watch it all the way through!)

 The premise this guy uses is just factual enough that it has a ring of truth to it! (Remember kids, the best lies always have a bit of truth in them!)

According to Ex CIA director Michael Morell "there are thousands of ISIS sympathizers in the United States" already creating a "global caliphate". Obama may be right that ISIS can't topple the U.S. government... but he might use the chaos, panic and fear from the terrorist threats to extend his presidency and postpone the 2016 elections.
This new documentary uncovers how ISIS is gathering new forces for the final battle with the Western World. The most surprising part is... it actually ties in with the 2016 U.S. election and the catastrophic outcomes it might have.
Protect Your Family,
DMI Admin.

He postulates that ISIS, or someone like them, could set off a nuclear device a couple of hundred miles over the United States and the ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE would knock out our entire electricity grid and most of the day to day electronics that we use ....., which means that North America would be instantly thrown back into the 'Stone Age!' (This would put us on an equal footing with the Jihadists!)

It's a pretty clever idea kids, but there is only one problem with this guys logic.

Image result for north korea clipartA terrorist group, or someone like ISIS, doesn't have the capability to make a nuclear bomb, let alone put it into orbit, and anyone that does ....., is not crazy enough to do it!  (Except maybe North Korea!!!!)

And that's what keeps me up at night!


Want some more proof on how screwed up things are?

Remember Salim Alaradi who was detained on terrorism-related charges while on a family vacation in Dubai in August, 2014 and just released this week? (Human rights campaigners said the charges were false and that there was no evidence against Alaradi. He was acquitted Monday by a local judge without explanation.)

Ottawa-based lawyer Paul Champ says that Alaradi is excited to be out of prison and the Canadian government has been supportive – they arranged for a new passport, money and clothing from Alaradi’s family, and an escort to the airport -- but “the ball was dropped a little bit.”
Seems that due to the original charges he was placed on an International "No Fly" list and wasn't able to get on the plane!!!!!