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Monday, 27 June 2016

It's not easy being green!

Dear Readers:

It used to be fairly simple being a member of the Green Party of Canada.

All ya had to do was hug a few trees and stop pipelines on land, protect some whales and baby seals out in the water ........., and put up with Elizabeth May. (Drunk or sober!)

Of course that was in the good old days, when life was a lot simpler!

But, things have changed over the years, and now the latest de rigueur is adopting the far left position of being Uber political as well as hating Israel and supporting the Palestinians!

Folks, I don't know how Israel has anything to do with ecology or the environment, so I can only guess that protecting our natural heritage wasn't getting enough traction, and the Greens had to widen the scope of things they were against!

At least they don't still go on about making cars out of rubber. (So that they just bounce off each other!)

And then there's my all time favourite singer!