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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Oh shit! Yes, and lots of it!

Dear Readers: Researchers from North Carolina A&T State University have developed a process that uses pig manure as a low-cost replacement for petroleum in the production of road asphalt. In searching for bio alternatives, the group discovered that swine waste is especially rich in oils very similar to petroleum, at a grade too low to make gasoline but suited for asphalt. With funding from the National Science Foundation, the group developed a process that turns the waste into a black crude – the sticky binder that can be used to make asphalt. The cost to process the manure oil is US$0.56 a gallon, which is much cheaper and greener than current petroleum binders. And for drivers concerned about the odor of their roads, the compounds that give pig manure its uniquely pungent smell – a stew of volatile fatty acids – are filtered out during processing. The dry matter left over from the process can be used as fertilizer.