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Monday, June 27, 2016

Stop sending me stuff, damnit!

Dear Readers:

I get so tired of all the spam and bullshit ads that land in my e-mail every day! First of all I get at least one of these on a daily basis:  (And I can't speak a word of whatever language this is!)

- 产品经理的核心业务之三产品上市

Then there's this one:

- Re: Your money request has been granted

And then something like this:

- Re: Account activation required

Of course a lot of people are trying to send me money too!

- Re: Funds Received

There's also the occasional straightforward ad:

- Re: Sales representative needed

Or this one:

- Re Hurry, this coupon will be gone in a few hours

Sometimes I think my past is catching up with me:

-  Re. Important Message from the F.B.I.

And then there's always my favourite:

- Do ya wanna fuck?