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Monday, 11 July 2016

I hate Mondays!

Dear Readers:

Image result for transgenderTwo organizations have teamed up to create a new youth group for LGBT teenagers on P.E.I.

AIDS P.E.I. and Pride P.E.I. are working to have the group started in Charlottetown by the end of August.

Cybelle Rieber, acting executive director of AIDS P.E.I. said there are young people across the island who are interested in participating, and after this last weekend both of them have signed up!


Once upon a time some of our favourite rock stars couldn't go onstage because they were too drunk or high to function properly, but now-a-days they just seem to be collapsing from old age:
Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry collapsed on stage while performing in New York on Sunday and was hospitalized, according to reports. Perry, 65, was playing in Coney Island in Brooklyn with his band the Hollywood Vampires, along with rocker Alice Cooper, when he staggered off-stage and collapsed, media reports said.
You might remember that Meatloaf keeled over a week or two ago, but the Rolling Stones just keep on a rolling along!!


A majority of Canadians oppose the idea of King Charles III as our head of state, but ousting His Majesty would prove harder than amending the Constitution.

Canadians aren't too keen on the idea of King Charles one day becoming our head of state, probably because they still haven't gotten over his divorce from Princess Diana. A majority — 54 per cent — of Canadians don’t want to see the Prince of Wales succeed his mother as monarch. Antipathy toward the heir is strongest among baby boomers, at 60 per cent for those aged 55 to 64, according to a Forum Research poll of 1,429 Canadians. The July 5 survey asked if they agreed or disagreed that “Prince Charles should become Canada’s head of State;” just 17 per cent had no opinion.

However much they dislike the prince, when it comes to the idea of doing away with the monarchy altogether, Canadians are statistically split: 43 per cent said they were in favour of “abolishing the monarchy in Canada upon the death of the current Queen” compared to 40 per cent who were opposed — well within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points, 19 times out of 20. That means about 10 per cent of all respondents support a monarchy, but don’t want to see King Charles III on the British Throne and leading the Commonwealth.

Arthur Edwards/Pool/Getty Images
“The breakdown of Charles’s first marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales damaged his reputation,” said royal historian Carolyn Harris. She said his reputation has improved with his increased philanthropy and vocal environmentalism. “Charles, however, continues to be overshadowed in the popular imagination by his mother, the Queen, who is a respected elder stateswoman with a record-breaking reign, and his sons, William and Harry, have made the monarchy more popular with younger people and are associated with the modernization of the monarchy in the 21st century.”


Yes, O,K, Portugal won a soccer game yesterday, but the S.O.B.'s didn't have to drive around the neighbourhood honking their car horns for 3 hours straight last night!