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Friday, 15 July 2016

It's not very nice in Nice!

Dear Readers:

After the latest carnage in Nice, France, your outraged reporter is rather confused about when everyone is going to get off their ass and do something about this clusterfuck called the Middle-East. (Or Arabs, or Muslims, or people stuck in the seventh century, etc.)

Look folks, how long will it take for people in Western Europe to finally say "enough's enough" and go down to the Middle-East and clean that mess up!

Radical Islam is not only gaining strength in certain locations, it is causing death and chaos in an ever widening area. This is turning into a situation that is totally untenable to the nations of Europe, and even North America.

RADICAL ISLAM HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE WEST FOLKS, and an appropriate response can only be made by facing this threat head on!

Every Muslim should be made aware that there are only two positions for them to take:They are either with us ...., or against us! 

No more sitting on the fence folks, any sort of inaction, or even complicity in a roundabout or indirect manner should put people on the wrong side of town, and subject to any sort of reprisal we deem necessary.

Appeasement is not an option kids, as Neville Chamberlain proved in Europe about 80 years ago. The only thing it has accomplish so far is making the terrorists think we are weak!


While we're on the subject, Newt Gingrich threw in his two cents worth yesterday!

Newt Really Went There: We Should “Test Every Person Here Who Is Of A Muslim Background. If they believe in Sharia, they should be deported.” 


Just to give you a sense of perspective about what was involved in the carnage in Nice, France yesterday ..., this is a picture of the Promenade des Anglais. 

That deranged terrorist drove from one end to the other, (or from the bottom to the top of the picture) and killed about 85 people, and injured hundreds,  that couldn't get out of his way!


 If ya want to see how they finally stopped the truck, this should be an instructional video on how to deal with terrorists!


 AND FINALLY: (If anybody cares!) Mick Jagger is about to have his nineteenth nervous breakdown after learning that he is about to be a father for the eight time at the age of 72!