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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Malaria Trump Vindicated!

Dear Readers:

All sorts of stuff happening this afternoon that we believe you should know about folks!

First of all that guy who's running Turkey, Erdogan,  has declared a state of emergency and imposition of martial law for three months, so my first impression of him as a despot and a "not very nice guy" has been corroborated.


Second: Malaria Trump is not guilty of plagiarism:
Third: Donald Drumpf got his wall ......! A wall has been built around Donald Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The only question now is: WHO'S GOING TO PAY FOR IT?

AND FINALLY: Omarosa is baaaaaaack!

Black Republican delegates overwhelmingly support the Trump campaign putting Omarosa Manigault — the former Apprentice contestant — in charge of black outreach, despite lingering questions over her party identification and influence with black political and civil rights leaders.

There hasn’t been a formal campaign announcement regarding Manigault’s hiring; Manigault herself made the announcement on an appearance on MSNBC in which she defended the campaign’s ability to draw in black voters. When asked about Trump's difficulty resonating with black voters in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania — recent polls showed Trump was polling at zero percent approval among that demographic — Omarosa offered an anecdotal counterargument. "I'm wondering who they polled because I just spent an amazing weekend with African-Americans for Trump, about 300 of them," she said.