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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Praise the Lord!

Dear Readers:

Since it's Sunday morning I think it's time we got a little religion on ya:

Even though I have never really liked Islam since Cat Stevens got all fucked up on it, (thanks Dennis Miller) don't think the Muslims are the only one's with problems kids!

The Catholic Church just proved once again that they are the 'Grandmasters" of hypocrisy and insanity!

VATICAN CITY—In yet another example showing just how out of touch celibate prelates can be when it comes to the realities of modern sexuality, a conservative Catholic bishop in the United States has come up with what amounts to a handbook about how not to have sex.
New guidelines (PDF) issued by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia lay out the don'ts and don’ts, as it were, when it comes to the implementation of Pope Francis’s landmark Amoris Laetitia apostolic exhortation on love … at least as this conservative bishop sees it. 
His guidelines are aimed at divorced and remarried Catholics and people in same-sex relationships who wish to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist or holy communion. Essentially, confessing to having forbidden sex, which is any sex outside of the original singular heterosexual Catholic marriage, isn’t enough. Instead, they must give up sex altogether. (Good luck with that! -Ed.)