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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear Readers:

Image result for south park satanBoy those Republicans are sure obsessed with Satan!

First Ben Carson compared Hillary Clinton with Lucifer, or hanging out with Beelzebub, or being friends with the devil, or something like that.

Now John Boehner, the former speaker of the House of Representatives, has called one of their own, Ted Cruz, as being Lucifer!
As Republicans booed Sen. Ted Cruz during his prime-time convention speech in which he refused to back Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, John Boehner reportedly watched the unfolding events and remarked, "Lucifer is back." 
Folks, I know they're all a bunch of religious nuts over in the Republican Party, but this is going a little too far!


We have a guest post for ya from Reince Priebus:


Here I go again with my racist, politically incorrect, and bigoted views again.
(At least according to the tree-huggers!)

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS HEADLINE: Halifax police investigate fifth sex assault allegedly involving cab driver!

Image result for PERVERTED CAB DRIVER CLIPARTWe talked about this last week folks and noticed a strange reluctance to identify the perverts, except in a general description that they were "male!"

Now get a look at what they said today:

Then police say the man tried to kiss the woman, locked her door and touched her in a "sexual manner" over her clothing without her consent. The woman was able to get out of the car and get to a friend's home.
Police say the man spoke with an accent, and wore strong cologne. He was described as about five-feet-seven-inches, with short dark hair and a pronounced nose. Police also said the man was described as "possibly of Middle Eastern or East Indian descent," an identifier used to describe the suspects in three prior incidents.

BUT, THE POLITICALLY CORRECT ASSHOLES HAD TO JUMP IN: "Critics have said police should avoid the label, as it perpetuates damaging stereotypes and is too vague to be of use as a descriptor."
After almost choking when I read this ....., I have to ask myself: "Am I nuts, or is the whole world nuts?"