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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What You Missed From The Season Premiere Of TV's Craziest Show.

Dear Readers:

Image result for Melania Trump clipartThe Liberal press is raising a stink about Malaria Trump's apparent plagiarizing of Michele Obama's 2008 speech, but she continues to insist that she wrote the whole thing by herself!

Well, actually what she said was "I wrote the speech myself, but I got some some of the ideas with a little help from my friends!" (Thank you Beatles.)

P.S. It must be rough knowing that your only there because of your looks, and if you lose that you're out on your ass! Even if it is a really nice ass! )


As we mentioned yesterday, Sarah Palin had hopes she would be picked as Trump’s V.P. choice, and when she learned about the news that he was about to pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence instead, reportedly turned down a shot at speaking at the upcoming Republican National Convention. 

By Sierra Spaulding: Quora Digest

It seems true — for she wasn’t included on a preliminary list of convention speakers released on Wednesday. Yet Trump’s explanation as to why she isn’t going to show is priceless: Trump Offers Jaw Droppingly Dumb Reason Why Sarah Palin Wasn't Invited To GOP Convention. Donald Trump is claiming that Sarah Palin isn’t coming to the Republican convention because Alaska is too far away from Cleveland, Ohio.
“She was asked,” Trump told the Washington Examiner in a phone interview on Thursday. “It’s a little bit difficult because of where she is. We love Sarah. Little bit difficult because of, you know, it’s a long ways away.”
Let’s think — between the excuse that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” or “Alaska is too far away from Cleveland”— I’m going to go with the first reason. Palin refused.

By Sierra Spaulding: Quora Digest

While we're on the subject, here's the high points from last nights extravaganza:

Let's see, there was the Duck Dynasty guy being mistaken for a radical Muslim and almost being shot ......, Rudy Giuliani foaming at the mouth ......., Scott Baio having a hard time getting through security because nobody knew who he was ......, and last, but not least, Malaria Trump looking uncomfortable and out of place!

(Top center beside guy in white hat, but if ya ask me the guy is more white than black!)


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