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Friday, 29 July 2016

When pigs fly to the moon!

Dear Readers:

Image result for pig clipartYou never know who to trust now-a-days because everything we see and read and watch on modern media is suspect!

Take this letter to the London Free Press this morning:
Fed up with pig eaters:
I am visiting London on business from Toronto, and the hotel at which I am staying provided your newspaper, which I have never read.
I have decided not to read it after seeing a headline that states Ribfest starting Thursday.
I do not support the eating of sentient beings, especially pigs, which are smarter than dogs.
Please consider writing stories about the cruelty of factory-farming practices in Canada and the secretive and horrible industrial practices that these poor creatures endure from conception to kill that are barbaric and not transparent.
Please consider a more kindly approach.
People gorging on pigs and other mammals grosses me out, along with millions of others who are as mad as hell and not going to put up with this anymore.
Heather Shon
Folks, I can state with almost 100% certainty that this letter is a fake!!!!

This woman couldn't be from Toronto ....., she is obviously from B.C.


Now everyone knows that your humble reporter has a thing about all these conspiracy theories floating around, so here's one more, just for the hell of it:
What is a good way to refute moon landing doubters? By Carter Moore

 A few years ago, working for the government, I discovered that one of my colleagues believed that we had faked the Moon landing. I asked him for his reasons why he felt it was all staged, and he listed off a range of conditions which he felt made going to the Moon impossible (eg, too much radiation, no test animal ever survived reentry, impossible to beam back images from that far away).

I patiently went through and debunked each assertion; and although he seemed to accept that his arguments were fundamentally flawed, he was still having a hard time accepting the whole position.

So I turned the conversation around like this:

Me: "Okay, we work for the government, right?"

Him: "Yeah."

"And what would you say of its competence, on the whole?"

[Insert rant about government stupidity]

"Okay, so do you think that this same government was able to pull off a cover-up that involved thousands of people, while opposed by a hostile foreign government with an extensive intelligence apparatus that would jump at the chance to point out our failings, all while literally one billion people watched? Does that sound like something our government is able to pull off flawlessly and keep secret for 50 years?"


"Think it would have been easier to just send some poor bastards to the Moon in the hopes they don't die while the world watches?"


When facts fail, sometimes you need to pull on those conspiracy strings, but in the opposite direction.  



Just to show you how stupid the average person is, Google has just issued a classification that addresses the general ignorance of our population by putting Astrology and Physics in the same category!