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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Canadian man charged after daughter kills seagull on U.S. beach!

Dear Readers:

Remember that Toronto Blue Jays baseball game where one of the U.S.  players threw a baseball at a seagull and KILLED it? (He got something like a $50- fine, which is kind of hard on a guy who makes several million a year!)

Well, now the States decided to get even with us, and I just hope this doesn't lead to diplomatic tensions along an already fragile border!


Police in the Delaware resort of Rehoboth Beach say a Canadian man has been charged for allowing his daughter to allegedly lure a seagull to a hole in the sand, where she killed it with a plastic shovel.
A police statement says officers were called to the beach on Wednesday about complaints that a girl was trying to hit seagulls with a shovel.
The statement says the 13-year-old put food in a hole in the sand and allegedly killed one seagull, which was later found in a trash can.
Authorities say officers found the girl's father, 48-year-old Christian Lesieur of Quebec, drinking alcohol on the beach.
Police say Lesieur was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanour. It's not known if he has a lawyer.